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Filed under: Beading - Confessions of a Chantraphile,Daily Life — folkcat at 12:06 pm on Friday, July 28, 2006

I’m planning to stay inside the nicely air-conditioned house today. I’ve had a resurgence of my asthma this past week – something that hasn’t happened in years – and it’s bothering me quite a bit. I get the cough-till-you-choke asthma, not the airpipe-closing-up asthma, and it’s very exhausting when the coughing fits get going.

We suspect the naproxen sodium (brand name: Aleve) that we introduced into the regime last weekend. Gryphon and I decided to try the stuff because we had daily aches and pains that weren’t being addressed by ibuprofen, and it seemed to work. But then my coughing started up again, like it hasn’t since maybe ten years ago. We checked more details on the fine print, and found that less than 1% of participants in the trials had reported a worsening of asthma symptoms.

That’s enough for us to take me off the naproxen and see if things get better. And since I’m so worn out from the coughing, I’m going to take it easy at home and spend time on nice, quiet crafting. We’re also going to skip the yardsaling on Saturday as well – doesn’t seem like a good idea right now to get me outdoors that much where my allergens are (tree and grass pollen, mold, mildew).

I got a bunch of beadwork done the other day – further progress on my beaded pear. I brought the peyote stitch around to cover the big end.

Beadwork in Progress: Beaded Pear

Looks pretty sloppy and bumpy, right? I have more difficulty closing peyote stitch down to a point than I do starting from a point and making a nice circle. I chose to start this pear with a band of peyote stitch around the biggest point, which I am working out to the two ends. I may do another where I start with a circle to cover the big end, then work my way up the sides. That will probably produce better results.

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