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Filed under: Spinning — folkcat at 3:56 pm on Friday, August 18, 2006

Like, here I am, only a couple of weeks a handspinner, and already I’m spinning gift yarn for a relative’s birthday late this fall.

Pencil Roving & Turkish Drop Spindle
The Gift Spinning Begins

She knits, and, well, she’s my mother, so like the kid who brings her carefully created crayoned picture to be hung on the refrigerator, I feel compelled to give her some of my early homespun.

This is five ounces of pencil roving, which is like training wheels for a spinner. I’m going to spin this up and take it off the Turkish spindle. Then I’ll pick up a second five ounce cake, spin that, and ply the two together. Then, knowing the sort of colors my mother likes, I’ll even dye the yarn for her. This should wind up being ten ounces of a 2-ply, sportweight yarn, if I’m estimating correctly from what I’ve created so far.

Mom doesn’t read blogs – she steadfastly refuses to own a computer, because she knows she’d waste all her time just bouncing around websites and never get anything done. So it’s pretty safe to talk about this here. And if by chance my sister or brother have taken a peak (not that they’ve ever been known to do so), I think I can trust them to keep the secret!

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