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It’s Tuesday, Isn’t It?

Filed under: Daily Life,Folkcat's Craft Library,Spinning,Yarn Recycling — folkcat at 1:00 pm on Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yesterday was a bit scattered for me. I did enough productive things to count, but I also found my allergies kicking my asthma in again. Breathe Easy tea and cough syrup do the job of getting me through the day, but the recurrence of my asthma after many years is disturbing me. It’s our third summer in this home, and the first with an asthma problem. Is it just a crappy allergy year, as I seem to see on many peoples’ blogs? Is it one of my medications causing a problem that it didn’t before? I’ll be seeing my doctor in a couple weeks anyhow and will bring it up then.

Among the productive things I did yesterday:

Started Organizing the Craft Library

Books Being Organized
Folkcat’s Craft Library: A New Beginning

I only spent 20 minutes on this (that’s how long it took for my back to start complaining), but it’s a good start. My craft books have been scattered in multiple locations throughout the apartment for a few years now. Some are in boxes, some are on shelves in various places, and some are just in stacks. There are even a couple of boxes still buried in the storage locker someplace that I keep hoping Gryphon will dig out for me – I know I have some really cool books there that I want to be able to use again!

My work on this project will be in short spurts because of my back. See, the asthma returning this summer has made my exercise routine nearly impossible to do. It’s hard to do exercises that make you breathe harder when you’re already breathing hard because of asthma. But we’ll get past that eventually, and reintroduce the exercise.

Washed Six Skeins of Yarn with Eucalan

Skeins Hanging to Dry
All in a Row

The purple on the left photographed more red than it really is, but everything else in this picture came out about right in color. The purple is my first handspun, finally washed and hung to dry, and the five skeins of pink are 100% lambswool from a pink Ann Taylor sweater I’m recycling.

The handspun bloomed nicely with a soak, and has softened a lot. The pink yarn is just beautiful and soft – I think it’s going to make a lovely shawl.

Worked on Christmas Knitting

For which, no photo. But I got a comfortable amount done, enough to feel like I’m keeping up with things.

Short and sweet – that’s today’s post, every bit of it. If I stop here, maybe I’ll have enough time to do something worth blogging about for tomorrow!

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Comment by Valerie in San Diego

August 22, 2006 @ 2:20 pm

Wow. Your handspun looks amazingly even for a new spinner.

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