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Emmy Watch-a-long Notes, Part Two

Filed under: Television — folkcat at 7:55 pm on Sunday, August 27, 2006

45 minutes on the Red Carpet, and counting…

Relief from the weather: It’s so silly sometimes how TV tries to pretend they’re not manipulating reality. Sandra Oh just said thanks for the fan that E! has pointing at their little interview area in this 110 degree+ weather, and Giuliana felt compelled to say that they’d been busted. Like the presence of the fan to keep their interviewees and -ers from passing out from heat stroke was a dirty little secret that had to be hidden.

Something to Fiddle With: Sandra Oh is wearing a forgettable lavendar dress with a regrettable plunging v-neck with ruffles. But she’s also got a huge ring on her finger, with a large, faceted round gemstone that is mounted so it spins. That’ll be great for sitting there anxiously waiting for your category to be called.

Red, Red Wine: That’s the color of the gorgeous, beaded gown worn by Allison Janney from The West Wing. Lovely multiple tiers of gently draping fabric, beautiful silhouette.

Leah Remini: Star of The King of Queens, a gorgeous Versace in rich purple, with a one-shoulder halter look. Classy, elegant. Everything about this dress is perfect.

Portia De Rossi: Looks tired and old. I think the heat and the sun are getting to her. The dress would be okay except for some ruffly loops at the shoulder line that make it too fussy up top. Sleeker lines would be better.

Heidi Klum: Very pregnant again, and looking beautiful in a one-shoulder red gown. She and Seal are quite the pair, the sort of match-up that you would never have imagined, but that clearly works very well. Seal just said that out of 156 weeks that they’ve been together, Heidi’s been pregnant for 104 of them. Whew!

Welcome Interruptions: My phone rang shortly after watching Heidi – it’s my brother, calling from his cell while he drives home in L.A. When I mentioned I was watching the Emmys pre-show, he realized he’d forgotten they were happening tonight, and asked me what theater they were at – Shrine, or Kodak.

This was relevant for him because if it was at the Kodak Theater, the way traffic patterns are diverted for limos and arrivals would interfere directly with his own route home. He was relieved when I reported that the show is at the Shrine Auditorium, since that meant he’d have no problems.

Kind of fun, providing an on-the-spot traffic report for my brother in California while I sit here in New Hampshire!

Jenna Fischer: Wearing a beige gown with a huge bow just under the bust. Now, the concept of a large bow on the bust can really enhance the bustline for less-endowed ladies. But a large bow just under the bust makes it look like your bust is falling. Also, when they did the manual pan down (Giuliana doesn’t have the Glam Cam, Ryan does), the hemline was pooling in an unattractive fashion around her toes. Not that I expect there to be someone arranging her hem more attractively before she gets photographed on the fly like this, but it really didn’t look good.

I think I’m up for a little more of this…stay tuned for more!

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Comment by Emily Williams

May 1, 2010 @ 4:19 am

Heidi Klum is really like a goddess. she is definitely my favorite Victoria secret angel.”,-

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