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Emmy Watch-a-long Notes, Part Five – the Awards Begin!

Filed under: Television — folkcat at 8:44 pm on Sunday, August 27, 2006

And the Show begins…

Conan on a Plane: Saying to the stewardess, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Next, he’s walking out of the ocean and collapsing on a beach. Okay – Lost spoof. LOL…he ties some sticks together and makes a blowdryer for his hair. Then Hugo from Lost walks up. They talk, and go running through the jungle. Conan finds a hatch.

“Dude, you don’t want to go down there,” says Hugo.

“I’ve gotta get to the Emmys! You wanta come with me?”

Hugo looks wistful and disappointed. “Well, we weren’t exactly invited.”

“Really? But you won last year!” Conan glares in rage at the camera. “Nothing makes sense anymore!”

He drops through the hatch, and lands on a desk in The Office. Some Office-like business is done, and Conan runs out. He’s out on the street now, calling Chloe from 24 on his cell-phone, and on a three-way call with Jack. Jack and Chloe tell him off, and he runs into a building.

He finds himself in House‘s office, being diagnosed by the doctor himself. “Epidermis: pale, clammy. Subject could be anemic, possibly albino. Grossly swollen cranium: probable macrocephaly. Lips: thin, wormy. Eyes: beady. Age: (draws in breath) 92. Or 12. Body awkwardly proportioned. No apparent muscular development. Subject emitting an odor of burnt cheese.”

Conan gasps as House grasps him in the crotch. “But the genitals seem healthy. You are a woman, right?”

“I’m hosting the Emmys,” Conan squeaks.

With mock awe, House replies, “Oh, what a feather in your cap!”

Conan runs out, and into…

South Park! In one of the kids’ rooms (I don’t watch the show, so I don’t know which one). The kid confronts him, and terrified, Conan runs into the closet. “Dad! Conan won’t come out of the closet!”. Dad comes running.

“Mr. O’Brien, you need to come out of the closet!”

Conan runs out, calling, “There’s someone else in there!” before running away. Tom Cruise pulls the closet door behind him. before we cut scene to:

A kitchen, with a view from a camera obviously hidden in a corner of the ceiling. It’s Dateline NBC, catching sexual predators. After trying to explain his presence away, Conan runs off, and finally finds his way to the Emmy stage.

To Be Continued…

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