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Totally Twisted Tuesday

Filed under: Folkcat's Fotos,Knitting Groups,Spinning — folkcat at 1:12 pm on Tuesday, September 12, 2006

First things first – please don’t send me links to photo processing services, even if they’re your own. That is called Spam.

‘Nuff said, right?

Totally Twisted – My Second Spinning FO

I finished plying the pink and yellow yarn yesterday.

Plied Yarn - My Second Spinning FO
2-ply – Sunny and Bright

I found that my spinning of the singles was fairly consistent for thickness. Not so for amount of twist. I need to be much more consistent in how much – and how fast – I spin the spindle as I work. There were a couple of places where a portion of the single was less spun and actually pulled apart as I plied. I “fixed” those by just holding the ends together and continuing to ply along with the unbroken ply. But they shouldn’t have happened at all if my spinning had been consistent in twist to begin with.

Penny Shot
The Obligatory Penny Shot

I also find, as I unwind bits of the 2-ply yarn from the spindle, that I’ve definitely overtwisted the yarn in the plying. The solution to that is going to be, I think, to wind this onto another spindle, letting the twist find its own balance point before wrapping the yarn on the shaft.


The Wraps-per-Inch tool shows a number of 13, making this a DK weight yarn. I haven’t decided yet if I’m willing to sacrifice a little of the yarn to the McMorran Yarn Balance to find my yardage. I only have a couple of ounces of this altogether…

Monday Madness

Eats, Knits & Leaves met last night at Toadstool Bookshop, and it was quite a turnout! We celebrated a late anniversary for the group (the real one was in July), and there was cake, and brownies, and lucious teas, and even gifts. I took group photos as always, but there were so many of us I couldn’t get everyone in one picture. I’ll be posting them tomorrow when I can take the proper time to devote to getting people’s names right, and sifting through the images to make sure everyone gets in.

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