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Filed under: Blogfriends,Craft Shopping,Daily Life,Rats!,Spinning — folkcat at 3:50 pm on Monday, September 18, 2006

Item the First:

Went out bumping around on Saturday with my friend Bea. We visited the Dublin General Store, where Michelle sells a nice selection of yarns from Rowan, Gedifra, and others, along with knitting and felting books of all sorts (at least one title from Japan!), and Michelle’s own handpainted yarns and rovings (under the name Delicious Yarn).

I was completely unable to resist this 6-oz. ball of Merino Top roving. I just had to unwind it for the picture so you can see all its colorful goodness.

Delicious Roving
Delicious Roving by Michelle

The colors in real life are a little less intense than the photo shows, but they’re still gorgeous.

And I picked up some Snow Pea Crisps snacks that turned out to be OH! so yummy! I may have to go back for more of those even before I need more of her yarn and roving…


A little while back I mentioned I was doing a little bead crochet work for hire, and I promised to reveal all when it was legit to do so. Well, the project has gone live, so here it is!

My good friend Judith is a talented beadwork designer and instructor. It was from her that I learned to bead crochet, and she’s the author of two books on the subject: Bead Crochet Ropes and Patterns & Graphing for Bead Crochet Ropes.

The bead crochet work I did was for Judith, for her latest venture: kits for bead crochet rope bracelets! Bea and I were hired to crochet the samples that were photographed for the website. Here are a couple that I did (photos borrowed from Judith’s Bead Line Bracelet Kits page Thanks to Judith for the higher-res pics!):

Marcie's Blue Raised Spiral Bracelet
Marcie’s Blue

Rainbow Earth Bead Crochet Bracelet
Rainbow Earth

The kits for the simple ropes (like the Rainbow Earth at the bottom) include all the instructions for how to do Bead Crochet, as well as all the beads and thread you’ll need, and a special Big Eye needle that makes stringing the beads a breeze. If you’ve ever wanted to try Bead Crochet, Judith’s kits are an ideal place to start!

You can find the kits, along with easy online ordering, here: Bead Line Bracelet Kits.

Once, Twice, Thrice:

No knitting happened this week. I am in a fairly perpetual state of exhaustion, caused by the asthma that continues to plague me in spite of the new inhaler.

The simultaneously good and bad news is that even that is better than it was in previous weeks. Bad news because it reminds me how bad the coughing spasms had gotten. Good because it means that things are, however slowly, improving.

And Last, but never Least:

For anyone who wonders how easy rats are to care for as pets, take notice.

A Little Water Dripped from Mom’s Water Bottle into Her Hand, so that Ratties may Lick it, is considered a Great Treat!

Sable and Star Dash to Drink Water
Water? For Moi? Yippee!

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Comment by Judy

September 19, 2006 @ 7:53 pm

I went to the Dublin General Store on Sunday! I got a gorgeous kid mohair roving, and we had lunch on the porch.

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