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Stray Bits Tuesday

Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting,Papercraft,Rats!,Spinning — folkcat at 11:41 am on Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Something’s working right. Maybe it’s the fact that on Sunday, we finally sealed all the edges of the plastic around the gaping hole in our bathroom. But yesterday, I began to feel an abatement of the asthma symptoms for the first time since the hole was put there.

This led to a functional enough day that I almost felt normal by the end of it. I crafted, I cleaned and organized. I even did a few dishes, which Gryphon will testify is so far outside my normal behaviors it’s almost a signal of massive illness itself.

Today’s off to a good start. Aside from a little morning coughing to clear some of the overnight crud, I’m doing okay.

This post will be a bit disjointed – I have extra errands to run today, so there’s limited time to pull a coherent theme together. Unless maybe the theme is Stray Bits.


Papercraft In Progress - Maneki Neko
Paper Body Parts

It’s been a couple of months since I completed the head of my first papercraft sculpture, Maneki Neko. Yesterday I finally strip-mined my craft table down to a working surface, and assembled a few more body parts. The feet at the front weren’t too bad to put together, but the arm behind them is a very complex, multi-bend tubular shape made of only two flat components. Some of the tabs were in such nearly inaccessible spots inside the structure that I sort of glued, folded, and hoped that they would hold.

They did.


I did some knitting, but mostly more of the type where a photo wouldn’t show any noticeable progress. So I’m not going to waste bandwidth on one.

I can attest that I’m satisfied with progress on what I worked on, though.


Didn’t do anything really new with my spindles, except to get them hung up again. But the way I’m storing them is sort of interesting, so here’s a picture.

String O'Spindles
String O’ Spindles

The lamp is one that my Aunt Ann made, oh, forever ago. She is another of the crafty types in my family. She had a phase where she was using a torch and institutional size tin cans to make these great wrought iron looking lamps. She even entered a contest for crafts done with cans, and won the $1,000 grand prize – considering this was in the 70’s, that was a large amount!

I have two of these lamps hanging in my living room/studio, and I use the chains to dangle little tchotchkes from. It’s what I do instead of hanging them in the window like suncatchers – given our downtown location, our curtains don’t get opened much due to privacy issues.

When I suddenly had an accumulation of spindles with hooks on the end, I learned how annoying it can be to try to store them. And then I looked up, and realized the answer was right above my head.

Rattie Pic of the Day

We know by now that Star and Sable love, well, eating. Especially anything that Mom or Dad eats.

Star and Sable Like Cottage Cheese

Mom had a dish of cottage cheese the other day, and the girls got to lick it afterwards. Happy Ratties!

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Comment by Valerie in San Diego

September 27, 2006 @ 12:20 am

The spindle solution is genius! Plus, it looks cool.

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