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Filed under: Retired - Folkcat's Fiber Crafts — folkcat at 10:24 pm on Monday, September 19, 2005

I’ve decided that what I’ve been doing in these knitting photos isn’t really “Extreme Knitting”. Rather, I’m going to call it “Knitting Around”.

So, what exactly does “Knitting Around” mean? To me, it means that I find places that are interesting to knit. Places that are worth visiting on their own merits, like the Wilton Town Hall Theatre, or the many unique and historic bridges in our neighborhood. Knitting Around can also happen at a special event, like a Knit Out; a family reunion; a wedding. The entire point is that the event or place itself is noteworthy.

My latest “Knitting Around” happened Sunday.

The Wok Wok Restaurant in Milford, NH
The Wok Wok Restaurant in Milford, NH

Wok Wok, located in Lorden Plaza in Milford, is a simple take-out restaurant with some tables to sit at as well. We began going there a few years ago, right after they opened. Somehow, we hit it off with the owner and his family, and while we’re not “let’s hang out today” friends, we do consider them friends. I even took Jenny Lim and her sister shopping at a bead store once, a year or so before I opened my own. And Jenny always smiles and waves when we come in, calling out “Hello, Jenny! Hello, Mr. Bill!”

The Dining Room at the Wok Wok Restaurant
Roomy, Comfortable, and Clean

We went out on errands on Sunday, and decided we could afford to stop for lunch at Wok Wok – something we haven’t been able to do for some time. As we pulled into our parking space, I had a sudden thought – why not knit in the kitchen of my favorite Chinese restaurant?

The Lim Family with Folkcat in the Wok Wok Kitchen
Back Row, l. to r.: Ben Lim, Folkcat, Jenny Lim, and Nicole Zheng.
Front Row, l. to r.: Jacky Lim, Billie Lim

The question took but a moment to ask, and Ben agreed that we could take the picture. And since the Lim family is so much the essence of the restaurant, I asked that they all join me.

You will frequently find the children in the restaurant with their mom in the evenings and on weekends. Jacky, the boy, has become quite good at taking customers’ orders and working the register, and I’m sure the girls will be doing their part as they get older.

There are dozens of Chinese restaurants in New Hampshire. I can’t afford to eat at the really fancy ones that I suppose might have high-quality fare, but there’s no reason a take-out restaurant can’t produce food every bit as good as the expensive ones.

Up until Wok Wok came along, though, I was beginning to doubt that, since I’d been disappointed by so many. Wok Wok proved to be a delight, tasty food from fresh ingredients, and well prepared. Some of my favorites are the Crab Rangoon, the fried dumplings (that’s “Peking Ravioli” for those who only know Americanized New England Chinese restaurants), lemon chicken, chicken fingers, and….well, the list literally goes on.

The knitting is, once again, Wearable Hug 12, aka Bridgette. So, in addition to the essence of many bridges, she now has a multi-cultural flavor.

It’s going to be interesting to learn who she belongs to.

Important Final Note:

This entry is being cross-posted to my new blog, called, well….I Knit Around. I’ve given warnings elsewhere that I’m considering consolidating a number of my blogs down to one, and I’m close to that happening. By the end of this week, I expect that I will be retiring five of my blogs – including the one you’re reading now, Folkcat’s Fiber Crafts, and replacing them with one that covers several subjects. You can read more about the plan here, or here.

The retired blogs won’t go completely away – I’ll be keeping them as archives, probably with a separate link on the sidebar of the new blog. Meanwhile, you might want to pop over there and bookmark I Knit Around so you can continue reading uninterrupted.

Thanks for joining me today!

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