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NH Wool Arts Tour – Part One

Filed under: Craft Shopping,Special Events,Spinning — folkcat at 12:46 pm on Monday, October 9, 2006

The big event of the weekend was the annual Wool Arts Tour. Gryphon drove, and we picked up my friend Bea for the adventure as well. I assigned Gryphon to camera duty for the day, which not only gave him something to do and a good excuse for talking to all the interesting exhibitors, but provided me with good photographs while still leaving me free to shop.

I had a few specific goals for the day:

  1. Bring home a laceweight drop spindle
  2. Have fun
  3. Advance the cause of Folkcat’s A Spinning Wheel Before ’07 project.

It’s going to take me a couple of days to share with you all the photographs and tell you everything that happened.

I can assure you, however – all three goals were met.

Allow me to present Exhibit A:

Tom Forrester Drop Spindle
Tom Forrester Drop Spindle, Wild Cherry and Maple

Total weight: .62 oz. Spins like a dream.

The purchase was made from The Spinning Bunny, at the very first stop on the Tour – the Wool Room in Antrim, NH. They were a planned target in my shopping day, because they listed on the Tour flyer that they would offer both Bosworth and Tabachek drop spindles.

I made a beeline for their booth, and saw a table full of assorted spindles. They were all beautiful, but this was the one that caught my eye. Even before I read the tag to confirm that it was in the weight range I desired, the slender shaft, the wisp of a whorl, the graceful curves told me I was holding a work of art. And a tool that would be a delight to use.

And it’s a Tom Forrester spindle, a maker that hadn’t been specifically listed. Not that I’m complaining, mind you! Nancy Benda, the owner of The Spinning Bunny, said that the Forrester’s weren’t easy to get in. I’m not surprised – given how many times this year I’ve read on someone’s blog, “And look at what I was lucky enough to find – a Tom Forrester spindle!”, I imagine that the demand for these beauties is pretty high. And rightly so.

Now I just have to decide what fiber is going to be the first to enjoy this delicate piece of wonder.

Coming Soon

Photos of exhibitors at The Wool Room; of alpacas at Mirage Alpacas; and the results of Goal #3!

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