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So – How’s That Working Out For You?

Filed under: Daily Life — folkcat at 1:10 pm on Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The living room/bedroom swap, that is?

Pretty well, actually. We think we’re noticing some unexpected benefits to the re-arrangement of the rooms. For instance, the noise from the upstairs neighbors has been much less intrusive.

And we think that temperature control has improved in our apartment, too. We have tended, in the cooler months, to find that our rooms got up to nearly 80 degrees, and sometimes higher, without our heat ever kicking in. This would happen on cloudy days as readily as sunny ones, on cold days and warm.

It’s been so bad that we often find ourselves opening windows and running fans to cool the house off when it’s snowing with outdoor temperatures in the teens. At 10 p.m. at night. Sheesh.

Since swapping the rooms, and putting a door on the old living room/new bedroom, we find that the new living room still gets up there in temps a bit, but not as badly. And my new bedroom/old living room, where the thermostat resides, is staying comfortably cool, especially if I keep the door closed.

Why is this happening? Part of the answer must be that the room that is now my bedroom has a door, where it didn’t before. Somehow, that’s changing the movement of air enough to keep that room from heating up – even though it’s the one with the most sun exposure over the course of the day. (The windows face south and west.) In spite of this, the thermostat in that room isn’t registering cool enough to turn the heat on and further heat the other rooms of the house.

As for the new living room – I always had a problem with that room getting too hot at night when it was a bedroom, and that seems to be continuing. The new living room gets morning sun, but is out of the light the rest of the day. (Windows face north and east.) The real joker in this room is that it’s located directly over the basement space where the boiler, which heats our entire building, is located. I suspect we get residual heat rising through the floor and warming up the space.

Still, this has us down to a single room that seems to be overheating without our radiators doing anything. Which is an improvement over the entire apartment doing so.

Here’s a look at the new spaces. First, the new living room.

Living Room - From Door to Seating Area

The orange chair is where Gryphon sits, and the blue chair to the right is my spot. I have all my drawers with knitting necessities – stitch markers, needles, tapestry needles, and more – right to hand, as well as good light and my laptop for reading blogs while I work. The table to my left elbow (on the extreme right in the picture) is where the Rattie Sisters live. It’s empty in this picture because Gryphon was cleaning the cage.

There’s a laundry basket in the lower right corner that’s temporarily holding some afghans and such that we haven’t found a place for yet. It also holds the spot where, one day, my spinning wheel will park when not in use.

Living Room - From Seating Towards Office/TV

From my chair, looking towards the office corner, with the entertainment center to the left of that. Off-frame to the left would be the living room door. My office corner so far is promising to be more functional than it was when this was a bedroom, and it is absorbing some of the office-like functions – like managing my 99:99 system file cards – that used to have to live by my chair in the old living room.

When I get my spinning wheel, I’ll sit in the office chair to spin. Yes, it’s on wheels, but if I move it onto the carpet when I’m working (which I’ll do so that I can see the television while I work), the wheels will stabilize and not move unexpectedly under me.

And then there’s the bedroom. Here’s the view from my dresser to the bed. The door is behind me on my right.

Bedroom - Dresser to Bed

Yes, that’s a large-looking four-poster, pushed all the way into the corner. Trivia side-trip: Did you know that 20% of all married people wish they could sleep alone? Gryphon and I figured out years ago we didn’t sleep well in the same bed. As I describe it, he’s too tall, I’m too wide, and we both sleep curled up on our sides. Plus, I’m extra fidgety as I fall asleep. So we sleep in separate beds. Which is why it’s not a problem for me to put the bed into the corner like this, since no one has to climb over anyone to get in.

Putting the bed in the corner also adds an extra level of coziness to sleep time. My extra bed pillows tend to get piled in the corner, making a nice nest to cuddle up to. I’ve been sleeping better ever since the move.

Bedroom - Bed towards Studio

The white cupboard on the left used to sit where the bed is now. It holds a bunch of beadwork collectibles I’ve gathered over the years, mostly home craft kits and supplies put out by the Walco Bead Co. of New York City.

In the right half of the picture is my studio corner, essentially untouched by the move except for the addition of the purple bookcase in the foreground. My access to this workspace is actually improved now that I don’t have to have a sitting area and side table parked in front of it.

On the dresser at the left is my little bedroom television. This is one of the few disappointments we’ve found in this change. The viewing distance for the television from my bed is now about twice what it used to be in the old room. Which, on this little television, makes it nearly impossible to see details of the action, or to read captions or the Tivo menus. We’re going to see if we can find a better place to park the television. Wish I could say we’d just buy a bigger television, but the budget demands otherwise.

And that’s the way it is. The fine tuning continues, clutter remains to be tidied, but it’s workable.


Oh, yeah. That. Well, yesterday I had a very functional crafting day. I completely finished the beadwork for hire that I’m doing, ahead of deadline. It will be picked up Friday. And I got a bunch of knitting done on my Christmas projects. So, even though I can’t show you pictures to prove any of it, yay me for good progress made!



Comment by Valerie in San Diego

October 25, 2006 @ 4:27 pm

You have a pretty little place! It looks inviting. The new arrangement suits it 🙂


Comment by Christine

October 25, 2006 @ 7:01 pm

Jen, in a moment of Internet Freakiness, I see that you and I have the same bed. It’s gorgeous. Mine came from JC Penney in 1993 because no furniture store had the Shaker pencil post that I had been imagining in my head, but I found it unexpectedly in Penney’s and made my husband buy it.

I’m glad the room swap is working out. Change is good!


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