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Halloween 2006 in Wilton, NH

Filed under: Daily Life,Special Events,Spinning — folkcat at 2:49 pm on Wednesday, November 1, 2006

As per usual, the children from the local elementary school marched down the hill to Main Street for their annual Costume Parade.

2006 Halloween Parade, Wilton, NH

This is the sort of thing that could only happen in a small town with a single local school. Traffic on Main Street gets completely stopped by the police so the children can march safely. A fire truck leads the way, honking the big horn to announce the start of the parade. And all the people downtown gather along the curbside to watch.

Tuesday night is normally my home craft circle night. Trick-or-Treat, however, had me not wanting to be home. I don’t begrudge the kiddies their holiday candy, but Gryphon’s the one who really gets into handing it out. I don’t deal well with the constant up and down to answer the door, and the endless interruptions to whatever I’m trying to do. And since Gryphon works second shift (3 to midnight), that means that when Halloween falls on a weekday, I’ll be elsewhere.

So my craft circle made plans to go to Panera for the night. And some of us did it in costume.

Folkcat in Garb, Halloween 2006

I’ve gained a lot of weight since my wedding, but that’s the nice thing about medieval garb – it tends to be loose fitting. So as you can see here, I can still fit into my wedding dress.

We had a great time at Panera. As a character appropriate activity, I brought a couple of drop spindles, including the thin yellow laceweight I’m spinning on the Tom Forrester drop spindle. I may actually have made visible progress.

Thin Thin Spinning Progress

Yes, I’m pretty sure there’s enough more yarn on there to be noticeable.

It is always fun to spin in public. As usual last night, there were many people who caught a glimpse of what I was doing, and then just couldn’t take their eyes off the process. One lady was so fascinated I decided to walk right over to her table so she could ask questions and see more closely; another older gentleman was bold enough to come right over and ask about it. And there were several small girls who just sat by their mom, but their eyes were open w-i-i-i-i-de…

It’s local spinning guild night at the library again today, so I’ll be going out to spin again. Not so much in public – we meet in a tiny conference room – but a chance to commune with other spinners. Always a good thing!

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