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Filed under: Holidays,Knitting,Knitting Groups — folkcat at 1:37 pm on Friday, December 1, 2006

We turned over the scarves to the manager at Panera last night. The event was somewhat anti-climatic, but I think that could be expected. The logistics of giving scarves to every member of the staff while they’re working the counters and kitchen on a busy night at a restaurant demand that most of the actual receiving action happens while we, the givers, are not actually there to see.

The manager seemed impressed, and a little overwhelmed. But he accepted the basket and the card graciously, and I’m sure we’ll hear more about it all from the staff over the next few weeks.

The funniest part of the event came while I was explaining to the manager what we’d done, and why. A woman at a nearby booth overheard us (actually, several nearby booths and tables were clearly listening in), and when she realized what was happening, she lunged to lean over the back of the couch and address the manager. “Excuse me, but please…PLEASE! Give me a job. Will you, please?!?! I want that purple scarf!” she said, pointing at a scarf on the top layer of the basket.

I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend of working on the Christmas Knitting, so I hope you can expect a really good update on Monday. Have a great weekend yourselves, and I’ll see you then!



Comment by Valerie in San Diego

December 1, 2006 @ 6:18 pm

Awww, that’s cute!
I guess you guys know you knit desirable scarves…


Comment by sarebear

December 1, 2006 @ 7:54 pm

That’s funny! She must know the good stuff when she sees it, lol! Can’t wait to hear what YOU hear back on your Panera nights, from this!

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