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Friday Report: Christmas Knitting and Wheel Retrieval

Filed under: Holidays,Knitting,Spinning — folkcat at 1:03 pm on Friday, December 15, 2006

In a very short while, Gryphon and I will head out to get my spinning wheel.

To keep you distracted in the meantime, here’s the Christmas Knitting update. In spite of a setback that I’ll explain in a moment, I’ve made more great progress – there are only two projects remaining to finish:

***1. Bag from cotton yarn. Status: DONE!!! (and shipped)

***2. felted bag. Status: DONE!!! (and shipped)

***3. felted bag Status: DONE!!! (and shipped)

***4. bead knitted bag Status: DONE!!! (and shipped)

5. Unnamed object including felted bowl. Status: Need to felt bowl, and have two more pieces to knit. Then it just needs assembly.

***6. unnamed object to include felted bowl. Status: DONE!!!

***7. mesh shopping bags, set of 3. Status: DONE!!!

***8. same as #6 in different colors. Status: DONE!!!

***9. same as #4 in different colors. Status: DONE!!! (and shipped)

10. We Call Them Pirates” hat for Gryphon. Status: Began last Thursday night, have knit about an inch. First time doing Fair Isle-style colorwork. This past Tuesday night I knit all three repeats of the skulls, then transferred it to string to try on before working the top decreases. This resulted in a complete frogging.

Today, the hat is back to being raw balls of yarn. Yes, I had to frog it all. Say it with me, everyone – “Gauge is your friend!”

Turns out I had mis-interpreted what the instructions said about the weight of the yarn used. My substitution of Encore DK for Dale of Norway Hauk produced a smaller stitch, meaning that I lost 4″ in the circumference of the hat. Row gauge was off, too, making the hat too short.

Knowing now that Dale of Norway Hauk is a worsted weight yarn (online sources I’d looked at said otherwise – proving you can’t always trust the internet!), when we go to get the wheel, we’re also going to choose new yarn for the hat.

Expect a picture of Dizzy Lizzy Lendrum in her new home over the weekend. And have a good one, everybody!



Comment by Valerie in San Diego

December 15, 2006 @ 3:47 pm

You must be SOOOO excited about the wheel!
I can’t wait to see what you do with it!


Comment by laughingrat

December 16, 2006 @ 4:36 pm

Woohoo, new wheel! That is exciting! 😀 Sorry about the hat though–that must be frustrating. Still, Gryphon of all people will understand!

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