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Filed under: Daily Life,Holidays,Knitting — folkcat at 1:11 pm on Monday, December 18, 2006

Bits and pieces of this and that…

Spinning Wheel: My Lendrum made it home Friday, and within an hour and fifteen minutes of arrival, I’d spun for an hour already. Knowing that my first wheel yarn is practice, I just grabbed a random ball of anything from my roving stash. It’s maybe a couple of ounces of something in teal blue. Pictures and more about the wheel later this week.

Christmas Knitting: All gifts are now done except for photos and wrapping, with the sole exception of Gryphon’s hat. When we picked up my spinning wheel on Friday, Gryphon did, in fact, choose new colors for his “We Call Them Pirates” hat. He’s going with maroon and gold, something I would never have known to pick for him. I began the knitting on the hat this weekend.

Windows Updates: This is not an invitation for rants about operating systems. It’s just my own mini-venting about the nuisance of sitting down at the computer with a specific task in mind, and getting sidetracked by those little balloons that pop up from the task bar telling you “an update is available”.

Gryphon and I keep trying to set these things to happen automatically and without a need to get my input, but it keeps happening. And don’t you just love how they always assure you that you can keep working on whatever you’re doing while the updates install? Because then, the update process slows the system down enough that you really can’t work effectively. And what if you wanted to play a game that takes you out of Windows? When the update needs your input again, you get dumped out of the game to the desktop. Then, the work you were supposed to be able to keep doing has to stop, because they want you to re-start Windows now to finish the installation.

Christmas Decorating: We put up our artificial tree yesterday, and got the lights on it. This is fairly significant for us – it’s been a while since we lived in a place that had enough space for us to have a tree. Okay, well – we’ve lived here for 3 years now, so theoretically we should have been able to. Only the room arrangement before I swapped the bedroom and living room simply didn’t leave the space for it. Now, we have the space.

Yarn Finds: The good folks at Westminster Fibers (specifically, Linda) have turned up another bag of the Schachenmayr Micro that I bought at their warehouse sale a couple of weeks ago. Yay, Linda! I’ll be going to pick that up this afternoon, and then, once the holidays are over, I’ll be able to put a t-top for me on my knitting list.

Gotta dash now – have a few errands to run before getting that yarn, and then I have to decorate the tree and wrap presents before the Craft Goddess Christmas Party at my place tomorrow night!

Hope everyone has a great day!



Comment by Elspeth

December 18, 2006 @ 2:15 pm

So are you saying Gryphon wants a Griffindor hat?! 🙂


Comment by Valerie in San Diego

December 18, 2006 @ 6:29 pm

Merry Christmas! I hope you can post pictures of your tree, your new wheel, and your new handspun.. 🙂 but you can wait until AFTER the Christmas nutsiness, for sure!

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