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Filed under: Knitalongs,Knitting,Stitchery — folkcat at 1:07 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2007

I spent a couple more hours last night stitching on my Miniature Knotted Rug Kit.

Mousies and Pirates
Love to Stitch Them Mousies!

As you can see, I’ve managed to complete the central mice. Next step is to stitch the background of the circle they sit in.

There are a few spots where my knots sit at uneven heights, but that’s improving the more I do this. I think it helps when you get an entire area filled – the knots help to even each other out somewhat. It can’t entirely make up for a knot that was stitched too loosely and thus sits a little too high, but in the end, I don’t think those will be very noticeable.

Meanwhile, over at the We Call Them Pirates KAL, I got signed up, posted for the first time, and then got some good advice about my size issues with the hat. Remember, I’ve never done Fair Isle before – apparently, a common way to adjust size in Fair Isle knitting is to change your gauge.

I was so proud that I was getting gauge with the correct size needles and all. We’d made a special budget allowance to let me buy the needles. And I usually think of changing gauge as an inelegant way to adjust size – I prefer, in most cases, to do it by altering the pattern.

I was somewhat blind to the possibility of changing the gauge, even though it’s mentioned right at the end of the pattern as a recommended means of altering the size. Changing the gauge means buying new needles, which means another hit to the budget.

lowercase jen offered a link in comments to a picture of one knit with five panels and it looked pretty good. But I would really prefer to knit the pattern as called for if possible. So, if changing the gauge will let that work, I’m going to give it a try. I did a couple of test swatches this morning (with straight needles and circulars of inappropriate length for the hat), and I think I know what size I’ll need. Gryphon and I are off in a few minutes to see if I can find them.

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