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Reverting to a Childhood I Never Had

Filed under: Crafting Miscellany,Daily Life — folkcat at 9:35 pm on Thursday, January 25, 2007

I’m crossing my fingers as I write this, but I think I’ve passed the worst of the cold and am on the upswing now. At least, based on the path that this cold took when Gryphon had it last week.

I’ve been extremely run down the last few days. We’ve saved a lot on laundry for the week – today’s the first day I really felt like getting out of pajamas since Saturday. I’ve still got a nasty cough today, but that, too, is improving. I’m hoping I feel up to getting out of the house a bit by the weekend.

The effect of the illness on my mind was interesting. I couldn’t focus on a relatively mindless task like knitting. But I could get interested in something new and different. So simple, but novel, activities have been what kept me sane for the last two days.

Yesterday, I flashed back to childhood – a childhood I never got to experience, really. Never had Perler Beads before in my life, until one of the Craft Goddesses gave us all sets for Christmas this year. Sitting in my armchair, sick out of my head and needing a way to keep myself occupied all Wednesday night, I decided to get out my Cut’n’Press board and the iron, and see what I could do.

First Perler Experiments
Perler Bead Flowers and Butterfly

As you can see, I went a little beyond the basics by making my flowers freestanding. It’s not hard – just make an additional piece that has a space big enough to insert the flower stem. For extra security, I sat the iron up on end with the faceplate towards me, held the ironing paper on it, and then pressed the bottom of the stand to it to fuse the end of the flower stem with the base.

I think I like this stuff. It’s got endless possibilities – you should see the projects at the official Perler Beads website. Be sure to click on all three of these choices – Projects, Design Archive, and 3-D Projects to see all the different ideas they offer.

There are going to be more Perler Beads and their attendant accessories in my future, I think.

Meanwhile, today saw another foray into childhood. But I think that’s a story deserving of its own post. Tune in tomorrow to see how I improved my knitting life with Tinker Toys!

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