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Filed under: Knitting,Papercraft,Spinning — folkcat at 6:21 pm on Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Yesterday afternoon I pulled out another craft I enjoy, but haven’t done very recently – Papercraft.

The project of the day was my first mechanical papercraft. It comes from a company in England called Flying Pig – their specialty in the papercraft world is animated papercraft models. Most of their items are available for purchase only, but they have a few free downloads, of which one is this Agreeable Sheep:

Papercraft FO: Agreeable Sheep

Appropriate for a papercrafter who’s also a knitter, don’t you think? Standing only about five inches tall, this is, indeed, entirely made of card stock. I printed the project some time ago, and yesterday, I cut and assembled it.

Being only my third papercraft, my gluing skills are still under development. You can see a big blotch at the bottom right of the model, just below the crank, where I got a smear on the outside. Even so, this was a very simple project to put together.

The real amusement comes when you work the animation, though. Turn the crank on the side, and the sheep nods his head up and down, agreeing with anything you say. It’s the ultimate yes-sheep! If you go to the download page here, you’ll also see a little animated graphic showing the motion.

Knitting and Spinning

I continue to work on the fingerless mitts from my own handspun that I spoke of yesterday. The good news is that each half of the yarn is enough to knit an entire mitt, so I won’t have to add in any extra! I should have these finished in just a day or two – I’ll post pictures then.

And today, for the first time since before I got so sick last week, I sat down at ‘Zzy-‘Zzy and spun some more of the red/pink variegated merino roving I’ve been working on. It’s coming along well – I have about one ounce more to spin before I can ply the two singles together.

Spinning in Progress: Red Roving

Other Projects

Many moons ago (like, a year ago this past Christmas), I knit some felted catnip mice from my own pattern. I said at the time that I’d share it on the blog one day, and you know, I’ve been very bad about that – the pattern has sat idle all this time, without being refined into a finished work.

I’ve had a request or two for it recently, and I’m going to make a promise that I’ll work on getting it ready for primetime. What I won’t do is promise a specific deadline for completion – those always seem to blow up on me. But if a few weeks pass and you haven’t seen me post it yet, feel free to call me on it in comments or e-mail!

I haven’t had a request for the Barefoot Diva Sock pattern, which I also suggested I would make available some day – for purchase, probably, not as a freebie. But when I knit the last pair, I had to acknowledge to myself that differences in gauge between different sock yarns and needle choices add more complications than I think I can reasonably accommodate in a written pattern. So I’m going to officially state here that, though I’ll be glad to offer a general description of how I approach the creation of toe-less, heel-less, socks, we shouldn’t expect to see a formally written pattern for them.

A reader last week asked me for an opinion on how to work a cast-on at the end of a row of knitting. My Barefoot Diva Socks and my Freedom Mitts both have openings created by binding off several stitches, then at some point later, casting new ones on and continuing to work in the round. This is similar enough to the reader’s query that I have taken a series of pictures showing my technique for this casting-on in the middle of knitting. I plan to post an illustrated tutorial showing how I, at least, do it, either later this week, or early next.


I think that’s enough for now. Besides, there’s lots of stuff there that I won’t be able to blog about – unless I stop blogging and start doing. So let me just say, thanks to everyone for your great comments, questions, and suggestions. You’re what make this blogging thing worthwhile!

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Comment by laughingrat

February 4, 2007 @ 2:13 am

Ah, cute sheep! I’ve never tried papercraft, but that looks really tempting.

Nice spinning, too! Lately I’ve had a hankering to get going on my spinning, some of which has quite literally sat for years. 🙁 I mean it’s not like it’s going anywhere, but it’s annoying to know I have two bags of fiber and three spindles half-full, sort of thing.

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