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Filed under: Dyeing Adventures,Knitting,Wayback Wednesday — folkcat at 4:15 pm on Thursday, February 8, 2007

Wayback Wednesday Comes on Thursday This Week…

Come April, I’ll have been doing this blogging thing for two years – both reading and writing them. Blogs have been such a strong source of inspiration for my knitting that a peek into the Wayback Machine is now turning up interesting evidence of how my craft has changed under their influence. Or not changed – you be the judge!

For instance, one year ago, I:

First Knit Picks Order
Received my first Knit Picks order (Feb. 1)

And today, I placed my third one – I need more Options needles!

Finished Clapotis
Finished a Clapotis (Feb. 3)

Doing errands today, I was wearing this Clapotis – and telling Gryphon how I want to knit another one with a lighterweight yarn for less bulk.

Dyed Lace Yarn With Wilton Food Colors
Hand-dyed my second yarn ever, with Wilton Food Colors (Feb. 4)

I haven’t knit this up yet. I’m still searching for the right project. But I love the colors!

Beginning of Kiri Shawl
And I began the Kiri Shawl for the Knitting Olympics (Feb. 10)

Which, of course, I finished just this week!

And Back to Today:

I’ve continued working on my Log Cabin Blanket. The first “crazy” corner is finished, and I’m into the second round of logs on the next section. Working all in solids is definitely turning out nicely, and I’m confident that the entire blanket is going to look good. Pictures tomorrow when there’s a little more to show!

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Comment by laughingrat

February 14, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

Your yarn and Clapotis are beautiful!

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