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Filed under: Rats! — folkcat at 7:59 pm on Monday, February 19, 2007

Edited to add: Knitting content tomorrow, I promise. Wait until you hear how I wrestled with a very, very badly charted section of the Carnival Glass Shawl… For today, though, it’s All About the Ratties.

Kinda late for me today, I know, but I went out and did some errands.

Okay, I’ll ‘fess up. I bought another 22,000 count jar of Perler Beads. I mean, Gryphon and I spent time this weekend picking out colors for specific projects we’re making, and it sorta skewed the color mix that’s left in my first jar, and I’ve got the Craft Goddesses coming tomorrow and planning to do Perler together, and…oh, never mind. We’re loving the Perler Beads, the price was good, and we will use them! So there! *hee-hee*

Meanwhile, the big event of the weekend came on Sunday. By our calculations (they were about five weeks old when we bought them on April 1), the Rattie Sisters turned one year old that day. And there were presents, and even cake!

We thought about what each of them likes most to do when we picked out their presents. For Star, her most favorite thing of all is to grab plastic things – anything at all – and drag them back into the cage. Pens, pillboxes, plastic-coated wire spring clips. My cell phone. Seriously, she tried to take my cell phone the other day! These kids today, I tell you…

Of course, once we stop laughing at the sight of Star grabbing hold of a pailkiller bottle nearly as big as she is and trying to haul it home, or snatching so fast that she makes it nearly all the way into the far top corner of the cage with my pen, all these objects get taken away from her immediately. Which I’m sure she doesn’t like one bit.

So a great present for Star, I thought, would be something plastic that she would be allowed to drag home. Even better, multiple somethings. So I went to the dollar store, and bought a bag full of plastic frogs.

As you can see, Sable wasn’t much impressed by them.

Sable and Frogs
(Click on any picture to view larger.)

But Star, she was so quick to grab one, I had trouble catching it on camera.

Star and Frog

Every single frog got grabbed by the head and carried off in this fashion. She made a pile of them on the bottom of the cage, and eventually, when she decided there were enough frogs in that pile, she carried a few up to the top floor and made a little pile there, too.

And not once was a frog taken away from her. I think she must have been thrilled!

Now, Sable, she’s the ultimate nester. It’s her greatest passion in this world to rearrange the papers, tissues, and bedding of their cage to make the best, fluffiest, hardest to navigate pile she can.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned sometime before how she likes to take Kleenex from a tissue box and run back to the cage with them. She’ll add them to the nest pile, fluffing them into place with her cute little front paws, and run back for another.

Usually, I stop her after about five or six. Not on her birthday, though. This time, she got a box of tissues of her very own, and I didn’t stop her at all!

Sable Pulling a Tissue

Sable Carrying Tissues

She kept on like this for quite a while, and brought the level in the tissue box down by at least an inch before she decided she had enough. Imagine how she must have enjoyed that – finally got to finish the job for a change!

And as I said, there was cake.

Rattie Birthday Cake

Each of thse is two squares of an oat nut sandwich bread. I used hummus, a favorite Rattie snack, for icing, sandwiched the layers together, then frosted the outsides. The “candles” are sticks cut from a fresh apple, with a frozen raspberry on top of each for a “flame.”

Hummus is a favorite snack of mine, too, and I’ve learned from experience that the Rattie Sisters can smell it coming from a long way away. Still, I wasn’t prepared for how quickly Star would seize the cake, and make off to the cage with it!

Star and the Quick Grab

That blur in the bottom left corner is Star, probably moving very quickly because she can’t believe I’m really letting her get away with this. You can just see the red raspberry on her “candle” by her right ear.

Star and Cake, Headed up the Ramp

Star nearly dropped the cake a couple of times – yes, smearing hummus here and there. Not badly, though, we cleaned it all up quick enough. As she ran to the cage with it, Sable, not realizing she had an entire cake of her own waiting, tried to grab Star’s. She got at least a mouthful, because she sat on my knee nibbling at it a while.

Sable Nibbles the Stolen Bite

And then, she spent time licking up smeared hummus everywhere before finally discovering her own little cake, and dragging it back home to enjoy.

Sable Goes for Her Cake

In the end, much hilarity was enjoyed by the humans in their lives, Star and Sable both got to indulge some of their most primal desires, and each got a massively decadent treat (we held back on their other usual daily treats to make up for it!).

And then, there was much heavy zonking.

Sable Zonks in the Hammock

Tired but happy, I think!



Comment by Valerie in San Diego

February 19, 2007 @ 11:03 pm

What a great set of photos. I can’t believe you’ve had them almost a year — I remember when you got them! Their antics really make me laugh. Such funny and clever little things! My husband is crazy about rats, so when he gets home I’m going to show him your post 🙂


Comment by Carrie K

February 20, 2007 @ 3:30 pm

That sounds like the best birthday ever!


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Comment by Claudia

February 21, 2007 @ 10:57 am

Awwwww… how cute are they! I sent your post to my daughter who at one time had 14 rats. She loves rats and thinks they make the best pets. Now she has eight cats and no rats. Go figure.


Comment by laughingrat

February 21, 2007 @ 1:43 pm

Wow, that’s great! What a birthday party! 😀 They look so pleased with themselves, too.


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