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And so, we have yet another theme post!

Every Tuesday night, a few of my friends come over to my house for a craft circle that’s been going on for, oh…around eight years now, as near as we can recall. Occasionally, we’ll have a theme night, where one person suggests a project or craft to work on, and we all join in.

Last night, at my suggestion, it was Perler Beads night. I arranged the living room where we gather with small tables to work at, and a large assortment of pegboards, idea books, and two huge jars of beads to pick from. Everyone was encouraged, as well, to bring along any Perler Bead supplies they had, and possibly cross stitch charts for inspiration.

We had a great time! Chatter was down from our usual levels as we all focused on putting the little Perler beads on those even smaller pegs. An ironing station was set up in the kitchen for the actual fusing of the pieces.

Anne and Bea at the Ironing Station

The distance to the ironing station made for slightly nervous walks with pegboards of loose beads, but we used cookie sheets to help carry everything a little more solidly. No Perler beads were lost or jostled out of place in the making of these projects!

We worked for a couple of hours, and in the end, here’s what we created:

Our Perler Products
Front, L. to R.: Bea’s Rainbow and Patchwork Heart, Anne’s Jack o’Lantern w/Cat, Bea’s Christmas Tree. In Back: Jen’s Pencil Cup

Bea used her imagination and some of the idea books to create ornaments for all seasons. Anne took her design from a Better Homes & Gardens book of cross stitch motifs. She adapted the design slightly to work with the Perler beads, but what you see is essentially what the cross stitch chart offered. Then she made little feet to slip onto the bottom so it will stand up.

I took the pencil cup directly from one of the many projects listed at the official Perler Beads website. It’s built like the puzzle box I made the other day, flat pieces with tabs and notches on the side that lock together to form the structure.

I don’t actually need a pencil cup, but you know what I do need that this is perfect for? A spoon cup!

Spoon Cup In Place

And so this now sits on my dresser/altar, holding my little collection of spoons. From left to right, they are: a Charlie McCarthy spoon I found at a local antique shop over the Christmas season; two cereal spoons from my childhood, Woody Woodpecker and Tony the Tiger; a wooden honey spoon that was a gift from a very special friend this Christmas; and just peeking up from the depths, a New York State souvenir spoon purchased along the NYS Thruway after visiting my family for Christmas this year.

Knitting? Spinning?

Didn’t get a chance to knit yesterday, nor yet today, but I probably will later. As for spinning, it’s been a bit tough to sit down at the wheel lately. It seems like I’m reluctant to do so if I think there’s any chance I might be interrupted before I consider myself done for the day. Which is just my own little mental hump to get over.

I did manage a half hour today, and spun about another half ounce of the red variegated merino I’ve been working on. Another half ounce to go, and then I can ply it!

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