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What I Did Wednesday

Filed under: Knitting,Papercraft,Stitchery — folkcat at 1:18 pm on Thursday, February 22, 2007

No time for fancy story telling today. Thursday is always full of errands, and then, of course, going out all evening for Knitting Around at Panera.

So I’ll just tell you, quickly and simply, What I Did Wednesday.

Pajama Day

I had no need to go out anywhere, so I decided to take a personal Pajama Day, just relax at home, crafting and watching TV.

Mindless TV

My brain was a little fried on the concept of following complex plots, though, so I worked through a pile of The People’s Court episodes I had stacked up in Tivo, then I watched an America’s Funniest Videos, and the two-hour American Idol sing-off for the twelve women. Kept it simple, kept it interesting enough to count, but kept my brain from feeling too slow to keep up.


People’s Court makes for good stitching time, since you don’t have to look at the screen every minute. So I did some work on the miniature knotted rug.

Needlework in Progress: Knotted Rug, Center Border

I’ve now completed the background behind the mice at the center, and have worked about a third of the border around that medallion. Once I finish that, I’ll be stitching the vines up the sides of the four stone paths.


People’s Court is also good paper cutting time, so I scored and cut out the pieces for another small papercraft project.

Papercraft in Progress: Card Boy

He’s called CardBoy, and he’s a desk calendar disguised as either a robot or a space boy – I’m not sure which. It was a limited time free offer from a business website online. Basically, he’s a box on a small body, and the months are on another box that fits inside his head. He’ll be a cute reference to keep by the computer.

Knitting, too

But I didn’t take a picture of it because, well, it’s about 4 more rows on the Carnival Glass Shawl border. Which is still stitching perfectly by using the one chart and mirroring it for the other side. So just go back to the last picture, and imagine the border as a little bit wider.


Payday for Gryphon, so, lots of errand running. Then, of course, knitting tonight at Panera, which means attention for the Log Cabin Blanket instead of the Carnival Glass Shawl. I mean, the shawl pattern is working for now, but I don’t think I want to risk finding another problem while I’m chatting in a noisy cafe…

Happy knitting, everyone!



Comment by Jennifer

February 22, 2007 @ 3:42 pm

Cute rug!! Love the mice in the center.


Comment by B Kimball

February 23, 2007 @ 8:49 am

Your’s look so good I still want to try this art. More than likely in the summer time when I have more day light to work with.


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