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Filed under: Blogfriends,Knitting — folkcat at 1:28 pm on Friday, February 23, 2007

I’m having a slow brain day today, so I’ll just offer a couple of stray bits that have been waiting for attention here.

Movie Madness

Purl Needlemeyer over at Knit and Plenty is hosting the Second Annual Oscar Nomi-knitions. Pop over and read the descriptions of the Nomi-knitted films, including:

Little Knit Sunshine

Notes on a Pattern

Marie Antoiknitte

The Pursuit of HappyKnits

Knitters From Noro Iro

The Last Skein of Scotland

Sunday, she’ll open the voting, and you can pick your favorite to win. This was a lot of fun last year, when the final race was a close run-off between Berroco Mountain and Stash. Who will win this year? Check back at Knit and Plenty and see!

Flying Fickle Thumbs of Fate Award?

A couple of weeks ago, Kristi at Fiber Fool (who is a very talented knitter and cook of Swedish descent) had a contest to celebrate her blogiversary. She asked for comments as entries, and she offered a double entry to anyone who left their comment in the form of a haiku.

So I wrote a haiku, of course.

Now, technically, I didn’t win the contest. The random drawing went to someone else. But Kristi enjoyed three of the haiku entries so much that she decided to award them prizes as well. And, well, I was one of them!

What caught her eye about my entry was that I included the title of her latest original pattern, a fingerless mitt called Two Thumbs Up, in my haiku. Here’s my entry:

Swedish eats, fiber.
Clever knitting and photos.
I give Two Thumbs Up!

So a couple of days ago, I received the PDF of her Two Thumbs Up pattern as my prize. Which is timely, because my own fingerless mitt pattern, while perfectly suitable most of the time, has only the most minimal attention to the thumb. And with the cold weather we’ve been having these last couple of weeks, I’ve actually been thinking of knitting a pair of mitts with a longer hand, and at least a little bit of a thumb. Which is exactly what I can do with Kristi’s pattern now!

My response to Kristi when I got the e-mailed pattern?

So cool! My haiku
Wins me my second blog prize.
I get Two Thumbs Up!

If you’re looking for a fingerless mitt pattern with a thumb, check out Two Thumbs Up – Kristi is a clever designer!

Knitting Notes

No more progress on the lace yesterday – it’s not good for knitting in public while chatting. But the Log Cabin Blanket now has Round 4 of Square 2 finished, and I’m about to pick up for the first log of Round 5.

This Weekend

The Oscars Sunday Night! I know that, back when the Emmys were on, I did a blow-by-blow posting about the entire Red Carpet and the awards show itself. And it was fun. But truthfully, it was also a lot of work, and right now I don’t think I want to tackle it again. So on Sunday, I’m just going to settle in with some special snacks and enjoy the show!

I hope you find something to enjoy this weekend, too, whether it’s the Oscars or something entirely different!



Comment by Sara

February 24, 2007 @ 4:34 pm

Think I am just going to hang out and work on my socks and scarf…and watch the awards….


Comment by Carrie K

February 24, 2007 @ 5:33 pm

Oh rats. That means there’ll be nothing on TV tomorrow. Maybe I’ll finally get around to watching my Netflix flix.

I’ve seen exactly ONE of the movies this year. Times gone by, I would have seen them all, and a dear friend of mine used to host a dress up & watch the Oscar party in the City. He’s gone now and so it seems, are those days…..

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