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Oscar Night – Notes From The Red Carpet

Filed under: Movies,Special Events — folkcat at 9:14 pm on Sunday, February 25, 2007

What the heck – I said I wouldn’t do a blow-by-blow like I did for the Emmys last year, but as I watched the red carpet coverage tonight, I found my fingers wandering to the keyboard. So, not a detailed rundown, but a few thoughts about the work that E! did tonight.

E!’s coverage is not the best I’ve seen. Their assigned location for interviews along the red carpet is cramped – celebrities can barely move along before they’re stopped by the next reporter. Some of the gowns face possible damage as those with long trains can’t even move completely out of E!’s area when they stop. The next celebrity interviewed by E! winds up having to avoid stepping on the fabric.

I miss the Glam Cam they used at the Golden Globes, it gave a great view of the outfits.

E! has occasionally inserted a short, pre-recorded bit with Ellen Degeneres, behind the scenes inside the theater, and they’ve all been lame so far.

We keep getting abruptly jerked back and forth between Ryan Seacrest (who is doing the lamest job of interviewing that I’ve ever seen), and up on a nearby rooftop, Jay Manuel and Giuliana DePandi, who are using the “Glam-a-strator” to analyze the fashions. So far, my opinions have almost all been the exact opposite of theirs. They trashed Kirsten Dunst, and I thought she looked stunning. They loved Cameron Diaz’s look, and I thought she was a disaster. We did agree on a few – Helen Mirren, for instance, is absolutely gorgeous in a soft, wavy hairdo and a gown that nearly matches her hair.

Meanwhile, Giuliana’s own outfit is a pretty dull shade of olive green, and looks rather stiff to me. Her hair looks like it was pulled back in haste, with stray strings hanging down. As for Jay, well, he’s wearing a tuxedo that looks pretty much like any other.

Earlier, Giuliana was talking with Debbie Matenopoulos, another of E!’s red carpet correspondents. Neither said anything that made much sense to me – they were clearly trying to fill dead air. Debbie looked emaciated in a strapless red gown that was struggling to stay up. I swear at one point Giuliana was clutching Debbie’s hand to keep her from walking off camera – I think I actually saw her pulling Debbie back as she started to move away. And oddly, we haven’t seen hide nor hair of Debbie since, and no one’s even talking about her…

Ryan just as embarassing, if you ask me. He keeps talking about the crews and reporters working in the cramped space next to him, and making the E! camera turn on them. He keeps forgetting to ask about the designers responsible for the clothing. The crowded river of celebrities keeps sending big names past him while he’s still talking to others. And the rest of the on-camera folks aren’t helping any, as they make him ask questions like what underwear the star is wearing.

Which led to yet another embarassing moment, when they asked Ryan what he was wearing under his tux, he started digging around under his waistband and gave himself a mini wedgie to display the elastic of his Calvins. Meanwhile, Helen Mirren is standing behind him waiting for her turn to talk to him. Not only that, she’s actually chosen to come back down the row to him, having passed him by for the next reporter because he was talking to someone else when she came along. And there she stands, elegant and patient as anything while Ryan is displaying his underwear. Class will always out, I tell you.

Oh, my – nearly the end, and Debbie is back with Jay and Giuliana. She still looks a little off, shoulders hunched, eyes wide, attitude a little to “oh-gosh-wow” eager. Interrupting the others frequently with meaningless comments. Very annoying.

And yet, as awful as E!’s red carpet spectacle was this time – and it was certainly the worst I’ve seen in recent years – I still praise the goddesses every time that it’s not Joan and Melissa!



Comment by Elspeth

February 25, 2007 @ 10:55 pm

I totally agree about Joan and Melissa. I can’t believe Joan herself got work after the ’80s, much less was able to get her lame daughter a job!


Comment by Carrie K

February 26, 2007 @ 5:08 pm

Oh my gosh, did Helen Mirren really stand for that? That is so lovely of her and so classless typical of the Oscars today. I’d blame Ryan Seacrest but it’s not just his fault.

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