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I Sure Hope the Movies Were More Entertaining Than the Oscars Were

Filed under: Blogfriends,Knitting,Movies — folkcat at 4:53 pm on Monday, February 26, 2007

Oscar night last night – while the awards given seemed worthy to me, the show itself was very underwhelming. Ellen didn’t rise to the excellence with which she’s hosted the Emmys and Grammys before, there were some very odd, lengthy “bits” – like Will Ferrell, Jack Black, and John C. Riley singing about the plight of a comedic actor and how he should branch out into comedy. WTF?

And I’m getting tired of film montages that are nothing more than time fillers. Was there a real reason to have an entire montage of movies about life in America? It’s not like it was tied to an award, or a special theme of the evening, or anything. In fact, it would have been nice if there’d been a theme to the evening – it would have at least offered a common thread to all the mediocrity. Instead, everything seemed like a jumble of odd, disconnected bits, thrown in because there was time.

On the other hand, I think that the bits that worked the least well could have accounted for the 30 minutes or so that the show ran over…

Along with that, there was the embarassing performance of E! on the red carpet coverage that I wrote about last night. All in all, one of the most disappointing Oscar nights I can remember in a long time. I wanted to be entertained, and I wasn’t. Well, except for some of the ads that were really cute. It’s a sad commentary that I called Gryphon in from the other room more often to see a clever ad than to see a good bit on the awards themselves. (My favorite: the zoo keeper with the cold, and the elephant took the MasterCard into town and bought him hot soup, cold medicine, tissues, and a blanket. “Making it all better: Priceless!” Adorable!)


Friday and Saturday I spent a lot of time working on the Carnival Glass Shawl. I’m about 75% of the way through the border now.

WIP: Carnival Glass Shawl, 75% of Border
WIP: Carnival Glass Shawl, 75% of Border

The pattern is still a fairly easy knit (once you ignore the badly-bungled “right side border” chart), though I find that I still drop a YO now and then. I’ve solved that by calculating how many stitches each side should have after a pattern row, and counting to make sure they’re all there. Touch wood, I haven’t had trouble with it since I started doing that.

As for Sunday – even a dull presentation of an awards show calls for more of my attention than the lace knitting can take, so my Oscar knitting was the Log Cabin Blanket.

WIP: Log Cabin Blanket, Sq. 2, Rd. 5, Log 2
WIP: Log Cabin Blanket, Square 2, Round 5, Log 2

I’m likely to be setting this aside for a bit to pick up another project or two. In the mail today, I received this gift from a very good blog friend, Claudia:

Blauband Gift
Froehlich Wolle Special Blauband, Color 7410

We had gotten into a discussion about sock yarns in e-mail, and Claudia offered this up to me on the condition that I “knit something for my sweetie” with it. I hesitated a moment – Gryphon has size THIRTEEN feet – but then remembered that his birthday is coming up (April 3), and this could make a nice birthday surprise for him. So Claudia put it in the mail, and here it is!

The other debate I had with myself was whether to tell Gryphon about it or not. It’s hard to hide postal arrivals from him – all our mail comes to the Post Office, and he’s the one who picks it up. I remembered then how much he enjoyed watching me knit his Christmas gift, the We Call Them Pirates hat, and decided he’d likely get the same pleasure with these socks.

And so, Claudia, Gryphon knows, and he knows the birthday gift is partially from you. And he’s pleased with it! (Though he has asked that I first knit a pair of felted clogs for him that I promised him last summer! These socks will come right after the clogs, though, I promise!)

Here’s a better look at the color, which is black plied with rainbow shades.

Blauband Detail

We both love the color, and I’m especially looking forward to seeing how it knits up! Thank you from both of us, Claudia!

Meanwhile, Claudia, who’s multi-talented (freeform crochet, knitting, and who knows what else?) is also the creator of a marvelous line of skin care products, and she sent us samples last week. For Gryphon, who has large, dry, crackly skin on his feet, she sent a tin of Heal My Heels, and for me, a sample of what I believe started the whole thing, Heal My Hands (in the Lavender Mint scent).

Disclaimer: Although I have become good blog friends with Claudia, I wouldn’t be reviewing her products here if I didn’t think they were worth endorsing. Claudia didn’t ask for a review, and beyond the free samples she sent – which were unsolicited – there has been no consideration exchanged, nor is there any expected.

I am hugely impressed with these products. I tend towards very dry hands, with cuticles that shred just looking at them. And with my asthmatic reaction to artificial scents, I’ve always had a hard time finding a hand lotion that I could use without bringing on an asthma attack. Our stand-by has been the hypo-allergenic St. Ives lotions for extra dry skin, which I usually have to order online because its availability at brick-and-mortar stores has been unreliable.

Heal My Hands, though – this stuff is wonderful. It takes a bit longer to apply, being made with beeswax and other natural oils, but it’s worth it. Since I started using it last Friday, I haven’t touched the St. Ives at all. The Heal My Hands seems to not only moisturize, it helps to protect the surface of the skin in a way that the St. Ives doesn’t.

And it’s a real treat for me to be able to use a scented product! I can’t tell you how much that means to me!

As soon as I can, I’ll be buying a full-size tin of Heal My Hands. If you’re interested in what I’ve said here, and want to learn more about Claudia’s products (which include balms for other body parts, and for pets, too!), you can visit Heal My Hands. She takes Paypal!

Later This Week

I’m hoping to get started on those felted clogs for Gryphon, from the Fiber Trends pattern that seems to be everywhere. I have a bulky weight wool yarn – some Combia-Minerva Icelandia – that I found at a yard sale last summer, and Kool-Aid dyed in shades of blue. I’m hoping it will meet the needs of the patten. If not, I’m sure I have something else in stash that will work.

I also plan to get the border finished on the Carnival Glass Shawl this week, and be able to start the edging. Once I’ve verified whether that chart is valid or not, I’ll be in the home stretch!



Comment by sarebear

February 26, 2007 @ 11:42 pm

Must be hard to move forward w/a pattern, not knowing if the next part is going to be workable from the pattern.

I admire your stick to itiveness!!!

I need to post an update on my knitting, it’s coming along nicely! And my MIL at my birthday party tomorrow will fix/show me how to fix the couple of dropped stitches I have in it.

Love that yarn that was sent to you; I bet it’ll make fab, size 13 HUGE socks, lol! I about fell over when I read his foot size.

Oh, loved the Ratties’ birthday too. I kept chortling over the pic of the frog feet sticking out of Sable? or was it Star . . .’s mouth. That is SO funny.

I am loving the Carnival Glass Shawl, although is it called that because when using a bold variegated yarn it resembles the ‘ole carnivale glass?

I know it’ll be awhile before I’m up to something like THAT though.

American Idol goes really well w/my knitting since one doesn’t need to watch (except to glance up for outfits and when someone gets Simon good!)


Comment by sarebear

February 26, 2007 @ 11:43 pm

oh, my MIL crochets, not knit, but she knows how, although just crochets, generally. I think.


Comment by Beverly

February 27, 2007 @ 12:18 pm

As usual, when I visit a new-to-me knitting/spinning blog, I can’t recall why I made the trip to begin with ‘cuz I’m so blown away be the “eye candy”! I do recall that I got here from a posting on the Yahoo Knitlist. Thanks for sharing your “tinkertoy swift” and the fingerless mitt pattern…love ’em, especially the mitts 😉


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