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Filed under: Cooking - Folkcat in the Kitchen,Daily Life,Knitting — folkcat at 3:21 pm on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Okay, really now – who out there knew that blood oranges are so tasty, and never told me?

I’ve been making a strong effort to eat more fruit, and on a whim last week I decided to buy a blood orange. And now, I’m wondering where they’ve been all my life!

The first impression comes when you see the color inside. A deep, rich, and yes, blood red.

Blood Orange

If you want an even more impressive view, however, take a single wedge and hold it up to the light. I made my best effort to capture the golden orange/red glow on camera.

Blood Orange Glow

This is nowhere near what it really looked like. You’ll just have to get your own blood orange and try it for yourself.

I would love to have yarn that mimics these colors.

But beyond the visuals, there is the taste of the blood orange. The sign at the supermarket said it was an orange with a subtle raspberry flavor – I submit that it’s more raspberry than orange! The taste is sweet, rich, red. Yes, I’d say the taste had a color, it was that distinct.

The really odd thing is that, all the rest of the evening whenever I’ve had a blood orange now, I remember the flavor of it. Even after eating other strongly flavored foods. Something about the taste of the blood orange grabbed my soul deeply enough to have me remember it all night long, and even sometimes into the next day. I remember it, and want more.

You can bet that blood oranges will be on my regular shopping list now. I gave Gryphon one, too, and he agrees. Not surprising – he’s a big fan of raspberries!


As promised – yesterday here on the blog, and last summer to Gryphon – I’m going to knit the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs for Gryphon. The plan is that this is a stashbuster project, so we’re a bit limited on color selection.

WIP: Fiber Trend Felted Clogs

With all the entre-lac bags I knit for Christmas, I have a fair bit of Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride around. Not enough of any one color to make the clogs monochromatic, but enough to make an interesting and brightly colored pair.

Since the clogs are worked with doubled worsted weight, I expect to use the colors I have the most of as Main Colors (MCs), with each of the others being alternated as stripes along with the MCs. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough of any one color to serve as MC for both clogs. But Gryphon is okay with each clog having a different MC, and the common element then being the stripes.

The two colors I have the most of are the Spruce and the Brite Blue, bottom row right and center respectively in the picture. So each will serve as MC for one of the clogs. The other colors will be divided into two balls each, and will be used in varying width stripes along with the MCs. The very bright green at the top is the one color that Gryphon vetoed for this project, so that’s what I’m doing my felting test swatch from.

Lace Progress

No photo, as it wouldn’t look much different from yesterday. I did about six more rows on the border of the Carnival Glass Shawl, and have four more rows to go before I can begin knitting the edging. Hooray!



Comment by Elspeth

February 27, 2007 @ 6:10 pm

Ooh, look at all that Brown Sheep Wool! My favorite!


Comment by sarebear

February 27, 2007 @ 7:16 pm

Sweet!!!! Those felted clogs are going to be AWESOME! Do they make clog bottoms in his size, or did you/do you need to have them custom made?

I never would have thought of felted clogs, but I’m just loving the idea!

Now I want to try a blood orange!

I always thought a pomelo came from reducing the tartness in a grapefruit; I didn’t realize the pomelo came first and that the gf was a result of it and an orange.



Comment by Jennifer

February 28, 2007 @ 8:48 am

Jen, I remember you (and several others lol) telling me I could ignore the wraps…but I am a nervous pattern stickler at times. What a difference! So much less aggravation, and it looks great. Does make you wonder why all the fuss is made about them. Those clogs are going to make a fun project.


Comment by Valerie in San Diego

February 28, 2007 @ 6:07 pm

I knew 😉 I love blood oranges. Esp. blood orange juice, SUCH a color, and marmalade! oh my!

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