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The State of the Stash: a Wayback Wednesday Episode

Filed under: Knitting,Wayback Wednesday — folkcat at 1:31 pm on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No knitting progress to show today – other activities kept me from doing more than swatching for the felted clogs for Gryphon yesterday, though I did also divide up all those different colors into matched-size pairs of balls. The better to distribute the colors evenly between the two clogs.

So instead, I took a peek into the Wayback Machine, and discovered that one day ago tomorrow was the last time I pulled out and reorganized my fiber stash.

Stash Organizing - One Year Ago
March 1, 2006 – Taming the Stash

I was so pleased with myself, I remember. Every ball of yarn was sorted into different containers by type, and I knew where it all was. And then, I kept buying more yarn, and taking on new knitting challenges, and I started spinning. And the stash grew. And we changed the rooms that most of it was stored in.

Today, there’s lots of new stash, most of it kept in these hampers in an unused corner of our living room.

New Fiber Stash Today
Feb. 28, 2007 – New Stash

I still know where most things are, though, and the stash I straightened out last year is mostly still sorted, so I’m not too worried about it – yet. So for now, I’m inclined to leave it as is. After all, the only time we entertain is when my friends come in to craft with me, so it doesn’t matter that the room is “decorated” with craft supplies!

I do need to make an effort to find more stashbuster projects, though. The felted clogs are a good start – they should use up almost all my leftover bits of Lamb’s Pride. After that, I’ll have to get creative.

I think I can manage that!

Tomorrow, hopefully, I’ll have pictures of something in progress to show. Maybe the beginning of the edging on the Carnival Glass Shawl – maybe the start of the felted clogs. Maybe even something totally different. We’ll see where today takes me!

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Comment by Claudia

March 1, 2007 @ 10:06 am

Hmmmm…. Sounds like a Freefrom Project to me!

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