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Filed under: Crafting Miscellany,Knitting,Knitting Groups — folkcat at 3:41 pm on Thursday, March 8, 2007

That’s what I did Wednesday. Not a day of hours spent focused on one project, but rather a day of an hour here, an hour there. It served to pass the time, though, and a couple of neglected projects got attention.

First up was the Carnival Glass Shawl. When last we saw this, I had four rows of the border left to knit. Wednesday, I got through those rows, then after much reading and re-reading of the edging instructions (they could seriously do with a re-write), I began knitting that.

Thankfully, the edging chart appears to be accurate. I managed to get through almost four repeats with little fuss.

WIP: Carnival Glass Shawl, Edging

Another neglected project is the sorting of the Perler beads. Last weekend, Gryphon and I went to a local party store and picked up a stack of deli containers to store them in. This new arrangement actually is making it easier to do the sorting.

Perler Sorting

What you see above is not ten deli containers of beads – it’s ten stacks of deli containers. Each stack contains a color group. For instance, the one at the bottom right is all the different shades of yellow, each in its own container, but stacked to save space.

Now, it’s easy for me to take a scoop of beads and spread them on a tray. Then one by one I go through the stacks of containers, picking each color from the tray as I go. If I have any colors on the tray when I’m done, then I know I found a new color. It gets its own container and is added to the correct color stack for the next go ’round.

By late evening, the brains I had left were only enough to work on Gryphon’s socks. But you know what? There wasn’t any point in wasting pixels on a picture, because really, it would look the same as yesterday’s photo, only about an inch longer. You’ve got enough imagination to cover that, right?

Puttering Around….er, I mean Knitting Around, at Panera tonight. The socks are the current brainless project, so that’s what I’ll bring to work on. And dinner will be one of the new Crispani pizzas they’re making now – yum!

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Comment by Telmah

March 8, 2007 @ 8:48 pm

I love the bead color system. I am a big sorter! I have yarn arrayed by color. Your bead sorting project looks like the perfect combination of OCD-exciting and mind-numbing.. 😉

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