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Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting,Television — folkcat at 3:24 pm on Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Excellent progress being made towards spring, with sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 60’s, and rivers of melting snow running down every hill towards the river. Indoor temperatures are climbing towards the 80’s, so we’ve got windows open and even a fan running.

Should I open the betting pool on how long before I insist we install the air conditioner?


I knit along mindlessly on the first of Gryphon’s socks yesterday, then realized I’d gone about 11″ from heel to top of leg. So I decided to stop, put it on a waste yarn, and wait until Gryphon could try it on to see if it was long enough.

He’s declared it “very close” in leg length, and “a perfect fit” everywhere. I have enough of the Special Blauband yarn left in this first ball to do, oh, maybe an inch of plain P2, K3 ribbing at the top, then I’ll bind them off.

WIP: Gryphon's Socks, Number One, to the Cuff

It’s still on the needles, and the foot is about three inches too long for the blocker, but I think the sock shows off nicely here! Too bad it’s such a dark yarn, you really can’t see the rainbow colors well from this distance.

While I waited for Gryphon to come home from work for his fitting, I got started on the second sock.

WIP: Gryphon's Socks, Number Two Toe

No nonsense about Second Sock Syndromes here – after all, if you set out to knit a pair, knitting it all twice is just how it’s done. You won’t catch me complaining about something that I knew when I signed up for the project!

Gryphon is so pleased with the results already, we’re making plans for me to knit more socks for him. Which means, I’ll get to justify taking him to yarn shops to peruse sock yarns that he might like. Works for me!


I’m continuing to consistently alternate between a little marching in place one day, and my Armchair Macarena the next. Yesterday was a Macarena day, today will be marching. It’s annoying to have to take time for either, but I know the long term benefits outweigh the short term aches and pains. So I’ll do it, I’ll do it…


Today’s plans bring more sock knitting – I want to get that first one finished and off the needles. But beyond that, I need to spend a bunch of time on a few special projects.

One in particular is a bit different for me – I was sent a review copy of the first season of the Fox sitcom The Loop on DVD, so I’m going to watch that. I never saw the show when it first aired last spring, so I’m coming to this with completely fresh eyes. I’ll let you know what I think in a day or two.

Otherwise, I’m going to be doing my best not to sweat all over my work – it’s so hard to keep a comfortable temperature in this apartment!

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