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Filed under: Daily Life — folkcat at 3:47 pm on Friday, March 16, 2007

Or is it Fry-day? I’m feeling totally lacking in energy today. I think I slept okay, but you wouldn’t know it looking at how slowly I’m moving. My brain is feeling severely impaired. I’m desperately wishing I had a bunch of People’s Courts in my Tivo, but it’s been in reruns for a couple of weeks.

The big Nor’easter has gotten started, and I’ve had to cancel the weekly get-together I have with a friend who comes and watches TV with me on Friday nights. Gryphon left for work, and I’m not happy about the fact that he’ll be driving home in the worst of this around midnight.

To top it all off, I was going to finish watching the DVD of a TV series that I received a review copy of, so that I could actually post my review today. But, nooooooo. No sooner had Gryphon left for work than I tried to turn on the DVD player, and it’s completely dead. Tried pushing the buttons on the machine, tried changing the batteries in the remote. Couldn’t try checking that it hasn’t come unplugged, because that requires moving the entire entertainment center away from the wall to get to the power strip. That will have to wait until Gryphon comes home and can fish it out for me. (And I’m going to insist again that he get the power strip mounted on the wall next to the entertainment center, instead of leaving it dropped on the floor behind it!)

I’ve had this DVD player for something like 8 years, and it’s served me well. It’s a Toshiba with two disc trays. I know, there are newer and even better machines out there. But I feel cheated that this worked perfectly one day, and not at all the next. I don’t feel like I should have to buy a new one yet. If nothing else, money is just too tight to have replacement expenses like this thrust upon us.

Sorry I can’t be more cheerful, but that’s the state of the world Chez Folkcat & Gryphon today. I’m going to go find some comfort food, and see if there’s anything mind-numbing on the Tivo to watch. If I can lift out of this mood, I may even knit some more on Gryphon’s socks. But I’m not holding my breath for it!

Hope you’re having a better start to the weekend than I am!

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Comment by Carrie K

March 16, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

My weekend will be working through the whole thing, so not better.

What series? What’s on tonight? I’ll probably end up watching Discovery Health or taped programs.

I caught Andy Barker PI last night and it was pretty funny. Silly, but funny. I could be prejudiced though, he’s an accountant.

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