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“P” Day!

I suppose I need to explain that. You might remember that on Friday, I posted about a need to organize my days a little differently. I suggested that I might assign different crafts to different days of the week, so that the things I really want to do will get proper attention.

I sat down and made a list of the crafts I want to be doing. I realized that most of them came under four cohesive categories:

  • Spinning
  • Knitting
  • Needlework
  • Quilting.

Each category includes several sub-types. For instance, Needlework includes cross stitch, needlepoint, and crewel embroidery; Spinning includes any activity that creates yarn for me to use, such as recycling thrift-store sweaters. All things that naturally go together, and so I grouped them under the same larger category.

I had this short, leftover list of other crafts that didn’t go with any of these categories, but didn’t really go together, either. Until I realized they all had something in common. Can you see what it is?

  • Papercrafts
  • Perler beads
  • PixelHobby
  • Polymer Clay

That’s right – the common element is they all start with the letter “P”. And that’s how Friday has now become “P” Day.

For the other crafting categories, I used a little common sense to place appropriate activities on days I have public crafting outings. Thursday, then, being Knitting Around at Panera night, became an obvious choice for Knitting Day. The rest, I assigned with a roll of the dice (plus a quick reality check to make sure the result worked).

Under the new system, I’ll start each day with the “compulsory exercises” – blogging, working on the book, fitting in some sort of exercise. After that, I’ll spend some amount of time on the craft category of the day. Then, once I either come to a natural stopping point in the craft, or I feel satisfied with the amount of work I’ve done, I’ll be able to choose freely from anything I want to do – or not do – the rest of the day.

Because my Craft Days only number five, I’ve only assigned them to Monday through Friday. For the first time in over a decade, there’s actually something to differentiate my weekend days from my weekdays! On weekends, I’m leaving myself free to do whatever I want, and I no longer have to feel guilty for not spending the time advancing some project.

Last Friday was my first “P” Day. As you might guess, having just gotten in this new PixelHobby craft kit, that was the project I chose to work on. Here’s a photo of a baseplate in progress:

PIP (Pixels in Progress): Native American Dream Catcher, Plate 3 of 12
PIP (Pixels In Progress): Native American Dreamcatcher, Baseplate 3 of 12

That’s a clear plastic baseplate, covered with tiny little pegs, placed over a chart that shows you where the little colored pixels go. You use tweezers to pull the pixels off of their plastic square, then you just push them down on the appropriate pegs.

There are four charts to a page, and each chart only shows four colors. That way, they can keep the symbol use simple – they only need four easy to see and differentiate symbols for the entire project, no matter how many colors it uses.

It also means that each baseplate usually needs multiple charts to complete it. Our project uses 35 colors, and the baseplates seem to have between 4 and 6 charts each to accommodate them all.

In a way, this is like paint-by-numbers, because the charts show you exactly what color goes where. It’s also a bit like Perler Beads, only on a smaller, more detailed scale (there are ten pixels to an inch, which means 100 per square inch). And the pixels stay in place all by themselves, no glue, no ironing!

PIP: Native American Dream Catcher, Baseplate 1 of 12
PIP: Native American Dreamcatcher, Baseplate 1 of 12

The design we chose is called Native American Dreamcatcher. It’s a collage of images related to Native American mythology and spirituality. Both Gryphon and I have totem animals represented among the images, so it has mutual appeal.

As you can see, it’s not one of the photo-realistic images, but it still has enough detail to make an impressive piece. There are twelve baseplates in all, each worked separately (making it easy for both Gryphon and I to work simultaneously on different parts of the design). Later, they’ll be assembled together using clear tape on the back, and then they can be framed for display.

So, Friday is “P” Day. What’s Monday, though? You’ll have to tune in tomorrow to find out!

Quickie TV Note

If you watch The Apprentice, are you also glad to see Tim fired? That whole nonsense with getting involved in a romantic relationship with another contestant was bound for disaster from the start.

I can see the story as a Lifetime Original Movie, though. The Apprentice: Fired for Love – The Tim & Nicole Story. I even know exactly who should play Tim.

Tim Urban of The Apprentice: LA

Fred Savage

Separated at Birth? Spooky, to say the least!

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Comment by Claudia

April 3, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

Hey, those plates are COOL! And I congratulate you on boing able to divy up your days – I can never manage to do that – too much of a flibbertigibbet I guess – LOL!

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