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Lest You Think I Spent Monday Bemoaning the Rain…

Filed under: Spinning — folkcat at 5:37 pm on Tuesday, April 17, 2007

…I did do some crafting. Most important, I took the yarn that I plied last Monday – my first finished wheel-spun – and I skeined and washed it.

Here’s a couple of detail shots:

Spin FO - Merino Shades of Red - Even Bits
Spin FO – Merino 2-ply, the even bits

Spin FO - Merino Shades of Red - Uneven Bits
Spin FO – Merino 2-ply, the uneven bits

As you can see, parts of the yarn came out better than others. Still, I think it will knit up nicely. I haven’t done a WPI yet, but there’s a little over 3 1/2 ounces. I did count the number of wraps on the niddy-noddy, and came up with 265 yards for my length.

The yarn is very soft, so I’m thinking a nice scarf – something I can wear next to my skin. Soft waves of reversible cables are coming to mind. I know there are a few patterns out there, and I’ve studied them a bit – I think I understand the principle enough to come up with my own approach.

Today’s Crafting

Not a clue. It’s Anything Goes Day, and I simply haven’t figured out what “Anything” is yet. Tune in tomorrow!

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