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Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting,Spinning — folkcat at 1:00 pm on Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The rain continues on, though at a much slower rate. Rivers are beginning to subside, but not before having left lots of people with damaged homes. Rumor has it that the Souhegan River, the one passing through our town (and only a block away from our home), reached 200-year flood levels.

Gryphon went to work last night, as the waters had receded from the roads between us and them. I still cancelled craft circle, because there was just a little too much uncertainty about some of the lower roads between me and the friends who normally attend. So I stayed home, watched American Idol and Dancing With the Stars, and tried to craft.

The productivity streak was good while it lasted, but as always, all good things come to an end. I spent a lot of time yesterday trying to come up with a pattern for that red/pink/whatever yarn I spun, and didn’t have much luck.

I swatched something with acrylic yarn, and liked it a lot, but when I tried to knit it in my handspun, it looked like dreck. Then I tried a few different stitch patterns I found around the web, and they looked like dreck, too.

I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t my choice of pattern that was the problem. Maybe, I thought – just maybe, the yarn itself is dreck.

Well, in color, anyway. The problem is that the colors knit up too busy for a cable. And in anything else, they just looked dull and lifeless. I really want this yarn to look bright and inviting, and instead, it looks kinda like dirty Silly Putty ™.

I’m thinking I need to overdye it, but with what? Something to brighten it up, certainly. But do I go with a pink, to enhance the color it’s trying to be anyway? Or do I pick something else, and try to skew the color in a different direction? Yellow would make it all more orange, a nice sky blue could bring in a lot of purple shades with some hints of green. Or would the orange areas mix with the blue to make muddy brown?

I’m going to need to sit on this for a while, see what I can come up with. Meanwhile, I’m not going to sweat it – sometimes, the roving doesn’t look like you expect when it’s spun! That’s part of the learning process here.

Since crafting effectively went nowhere worth showing yesterday, I’m going to leave you with this for your amusement. Gryphon recently received a freebie pedometer from AARP (yes, he’s that old!), and the instructions are the most wonderful mishmash of Engrish we’ve seen in a while. Click through for larger, and enjoy reading!

pedometer engrish.jpg

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