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Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting — folkcat at 3:18 pm on Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I’ve had a sluggish few days. The change in the weather, the seemingly endless traffic noise from Route 101 being diverted through our town – and right below our windows. (That link takes you to the WMUR TV news story about the landslide, including a video clip that shows the extent of the damage.) The stress of trying to make a budget work when there just isn’t enough there to do it. They’re all adding up and taking a toll.

I’m not sleeping well, and I’m frazzled during the day from the noise. So, mindless activities and soothing television are the prescription. That has included some knitting, though little else.

I finished the first sock of Gryphon’s second pair on Friday night, and began the toe of the second sock right away. When he came home from work, he tried on the finished sock, and declared it to be an even better fit than the first pair I made for him.

WIP: Gryphon's Socks, Pair 2, Sock 2 Toe

On Sunday, seeking novelty to entertain my brain, I cast on for the double knit afghan I’d recently purchased a kit for. There’s nothing really worth showing yet, but I’ll have pictures when there is. I did manage to cast on all 374 stitches, then, following the chart, knit the first 5 rows Sunday, and another one on Monday.

It was a good choice – enough detail to be interesting, but the simple, familiar act of knitting. Something new with the double knitting technique, but still built on an old, friendly foundation of knits and purls.

You’d think having to follow a detailed chart over 374 stitches would defy the need for simple and mindless. Breaking up the task into tiny, bite-size bits makes the difference. I made a little arrow out of a Post-It tape flag by cutting the adhesive end to a point, and that’s what’s keeping track of where I am on the chart. I simply point it at the first stitch of the group I’m knitting next, and move it when I’ve completed those. By breaking up the row that way, I’m never thinking about more than a few stitches (and what color they are) at a time.

I may have it together enough to knit a little on the Carnival Glass Shawl border tonight, but after that, I’ll probably switch back to the sock. It’s Craft Circle night, and I’ll need “mindless enough to talk while knitting” while the girls are here.

Don’t worry about me, folks – Gryphon and I are working out the stressors, and I’ll be okay. Route 101 can’t be closed forever – touch wood – and the noise will go away one day.

In the meantime, I’ll just take it a little easier than usual.

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