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Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting,Shopping Adventures,Special Events — folkcat at 1:47 pm on Monday, May 7, 2007

Many thanks to everyone who wrote with their support and good wishes over the past week. It made a difference. You are all very special to me, and your thoughts helped me get through.

I had hoped, when I announced this blog vacation last week, that by today there would be a change in our fortunes Chez Folkcat and Gryphon. And I was right.

Gryphon applied for a part time job at a major supermarket chain, interviewed last Friday, and was hired today. He’s off filling out paperwork and getting his initial orientation right now. He’ll be staying at his full-time employment, and working the part-time job as well. It will mean a shift in our lives as we adjust to Gryphon spending more time working, but we’ll finally have enough income to actually live on. Plus, there appears to be strong potential for growth with this new company.

Route 101 was re-opened to vehicles last week, taking the excessive traffic noise away from it’s detour under our windows. We drove by to see what the fuss had been about – this was the best picture I could get.

Route 101 landslide

If you can see the hillside on the left behind the reflections and glare in the window, all those patches of bare dirt used to be a tree-covered hillside that went right down to the road. Dozens of trees, along with the dirt, had slid onto both lanes of traffic. There are two separate patches that slid – the one on the immediate left edge of the picture, and another down the road that is just visible above the first oncoming car. (Click for a larger view.)

What took so long is that the hill kept sliding, even as they were trying to clean it up. They had to find a way to stabilize everything, or at least to keep it off the road if more fell. There’s an added complication that the slide took place right at the town line between Milford and Wilton; slid onto a State Route; and it was on private land. I’ll bet the lawyers were staying up late trying to figure out who was responsible to do what, and where the money was going to come from!

Crafting took a big hit during my depression over the last week. I did do some, but not as much as usual. My ability to focus was completely shot, and I had a significant need to do simple, mind-numbing activities as I coasted through the week. I did continue knitting on Gryphon’s socks, and they’re within a couple of inches of completion. But I’m also puttering at a couple of secret projects I can’t blog about yet.

I am preparing to go to New Hampshire Sheep & Wool this weekend, probably on Saturday. My good blog-friend Claudia and I are going to meet up for the first time – she’s a vendor there with her Heal My Hands products. I won’t have much to spend on wool or yarn, but I am excited to be going – it’s the second time I’ll be attending, and the first as a spinner.

Last time I was interested in needlefelting – my objective was to buy the smallest balls of any color of roving I could! This time, I’ll be interested in larger quantities of a single color/type, with the hope that I may one day spin a good enough yarn, in sufficient volume, to make a whole sweater, shawl, or, well, whatever.

I haven’t seen anything around the blogs yet about a bloggers’ meetup at the Festival. I hope you aren’t all avoiding it after nearly drowning last year! If anyone knows of one, please let me know, I’d love to see you.

Otherwise, I expect things to get back to normal this week. Life will be a little easier with the extra income, but more important, at least it now feels possible. Last week, I couldn’t have said that.



Comment by sarebear

May 7, 2007 @ 4:56 pm

I am so glad that things are looking up.

Scary about all the rain and landslides! Yeah, I bet the “who pays for this” was going on, and still may be.

I’m also glad the traffic isn’t so bad out your window anymore (they are constructing a WalMart 15 steps out my front door, so I can sympathize w/noise issues; it’s been going on since last fall).

I just discovered a Great Basin Fiber Arts festival thingie later this year in Salt Lake; I may just have to go! I’ve actually got an itch to see what weaving’s about, too (oh no, another craft, hee hee!) as well as MAYBE, POSSIBLY spinning and a little dying (I’ve seen some nummy nummy things knit up w/handspun on blogs for awhile now, and now on Ravelry).

Yeah, I’m hooked on yarn and stuff, alright. It’s all your fault, hee hee! Also awaiting my first ever online-ordered yarn to come in the mail.

Secret projects – you know I’m always eager to know what you know, you know? But I know I haveta wait!

(looking at 93 degree weather, that’s way hot for May, even out here in the desert! That’s JUNE weather!)


Comment by Carrie K

May 7, 2007 @ 4:57 pm

Well, yay! Gainful employment and the funds to live on are only highly underrated by people who have it. Glad to hear your fortunes and mood took an upswing.

I can’t concentrate when I’m worried either. but I have to have something to do. A conundrum.

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