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One of the big reasons for going to NH S&W this year was Claudia. We’ve become good friends via our blogs, exchanging small gifts, always there with a supportive comment or a giggle. When I heard she was going to be a vendor at the Festival this year with her Heal My Hands products, I had to go!

Me and Claudia

So here we are, together at last. Unfortunately, since Claudia was working, we only had the briefest of encounters. We were left wanting for more – a chance to just hang out, knitting and crocheting together, talking, sharing good food and drink, maybe some shopping adventures. I have a feeling we’re going to make an effort to bring our paths together again for a more extended visit.

BTW, over my left shoulder you can see some of Claudia’s awesome freeform crochet. The sidebar of her blog has a link to a gallery of photos, too. Inspired by Claudia, I tried to wrap my brains around freeform crochet – I’m as good a crocheter as I am anything else – but just can’t seem to feel the changes.

So I fell back on the freeform fiber art I do indulge in, and made a gift that I presented to Claudia when I saw her – a little piece of New Hampshire to keep in memory of our first meeting.

A Freeform Embroidered Rock for Claudia
Freeform Embroidered Rock

Yes, that’s embroidery. The rock is a piece of granite that spontaneously appeared in our driveway a week ago Sunday – we went out for errands and it wasn’t there, we came back and it was. Why one gets these ideas, who knows, but I decided to pick it up and make this little object as a gift. I’d done this freeform embroidery before (pre-blogging) to make pendants out of a couple of carved or tumbled gemstones. This was the first time I did an object this large.

I’d tell you just how I did it right now, but there are other places I need to go with this post and it will get too long. Tell you what, though – I promise, by the end of the week I’ll put up as much of a how-to as is possible, okay?

Bloggers’ Meet-up

My first ever, you know, even though I’ve been blogging for over two years now. I got to meet so many of you, and I’m afraid I won’t remember everyone. Gryphon was a good do-be with the camera, though, and did his best to get a picture. It’s like herding cats, you know, so we didn’t manage to get everyone. But he did capture a number of the group in this frame!

Blogger Meet-up, NH S&W 2007

I just noticed – we’re almost exclusively wearing blue, aren’t we? That’s a little freaky!

Somewhere in there you may, or may not, see JessaLu, Wanda (in red), Cynthia, Laurie, Helen, Habetrot, MamaCate, Lynne, Lucia and more. If I missed you on this list, my apologies – please do drop me a note to say hello!

It was actually a little intimidating for me. It quickly became obvious that almost everyone already knew everyone else, and had many shared experiences to draw from for easy conversation. Me, not so much. This was only my second wool festival (third, if the Wool Arts Tour counts), and my first blogger meet-up. I didn’t have much to contribute as everyone reminisced about previous festivals, events they went to together. Hopefully, I can start to change that as I get to know some of you better. Maybe even, dare I say, meet off-blog now and then?

JessaLu made my day, I have to say. She was the one who looked over at me, said “Are you Jen?”, then said, “I’m JessaLu!” and gave me a big hug. Thank you so much, JessaLu!

Jen’s Purchases?

I did buy something, yes I did. Two somethings, even. But I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to tell you what. Suffice it to say, it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while; it’s durable goods (tools) rather than expendable (fiber); it introduces a new variant on fibercraft into my repertoire; I started playing with them almost as soon as we got home; Gryphon even did a little; I already have big plans for big projects with them.

More tomorrow! 😉



Comment by Lynne

May 14, 2007 @ 2:35 pm

It was good to see you again and to spend a gorgeous day in all it’s fiberific glory.


Comment by Lucia

May 14, 2007 @ 3:05 pm

It was great to meet you after knowing you only by blog for so long. Love the crocheted rock!


Comment by Elspeth

May 14, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

Sounds like fun! I really need to find a list of the cool markets so I can go to one or two!


Comment by sarebear

May 14, 2007 @ 5:48 pm

Woohoo! Looks like a fun time, although I certainly know how it feels to be amongst people who have more experiences in common. It sounds like you’ll make some experiences though, and get there.

Yay, JessaLu! There is nothing like having someone looking for YOU; that was great!

Cool embroidered rock (I’m wondering how one embroiders something that can’t be stitched into, but I’ll haveta wait til later this week to find out it sounds like!)

Freeform crochet is cool looking, especially sea-themed ones that I’ve seen online.

Gryphon takes good photos; that top one is greatly composed, and excellent of each of you/the two of you.

I’m wondering if you bought a small loom for weaving . . . . I’m probably way off, but it’s one of the few things I can think of that you don’t already do.

Or is it shuttles for tatting (maybe you already do that, I don’t know!)

Guessing is fun. Thanks for the tease, you! Heehee.


Comment by Claudia

May 16, 2007 @ 9:04 am

It was SO good to meet you and hug you after all this time though I’ll admit to having it take a second to recognize you. No one has ever acused me of being quick on the take! And I’m SO glad you had a good time. The photos are great too – do you mind if I blog the one of us and the paperweight too?

I’ve always wanted one of those little weavettes. I didn’t have the nerve to purchase one after all the yarn buying though – lol! I’ll have to live vicariously through yours.


Comment by JessaLu

May 19, 2007 @ 1:39 pm

So happy to meet you in person – and glad to hear that I helped make your day a good one :o))

(sorry this comment is so late – I was only just released from shawl/prom hell) ;o)

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