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Filed under: Daily Life,Knitting,Rats!,Stitchery — folkcat at 12:20 pm on Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Okay, so I’m a bit stuck for posting today. Lots of pieces of reality are in transition, and it’s sometimes hard to write about moving targets.

I did get some work in on the sock last night. You know – the one I had expected to finish over the weekend? It’s still not finished, but I’ve got less than two inches of leg to go now. They’re still in transition, though.

It’s worth noting that part of the problem is that, with Gryphon working two jobs, I’m doing more of the household chores than I used to. We’re still in transition with regards to adjusting to this new reality. Doing more housework myself takes more time away from crafting than you’d think. For instance, standing in front of the sink doing dishes not only uses time I would otherwise have been crafting, it tends to make my back sore, which means when I’m done with the dishes and theoretically could craft again, I actually need a little more recovery time before I feel like picking up the needles.

But it makes the whole “Gryphon working two jobs” thing doable, and that’s a good thing in the long run. So it will take me a little longer to finish the socks – big deal! Think of it as a little longer before I have to buy yarn for the next pair, and that’s good for the budget – right?

I’m a little worried about the Rattie Sisters, too. They’re going through an uncomfortable transition. Star has an unidentified bulge developing on her abdomen, and Sable has a worsening problem with scabs on her back. When they first appeared, we thought it was just the result of the sometimes aggressive dominance grooming the girls do to each other, but it’s clear now that’s not the case.

We’ve been working diligently over the last few weeks to improve their diets, and it is helping. Their energy levels have increased, and they seem to be enjoying the new diet better than the old. But the scabs continue to get a bit worse, so today we’re going to call a vet’s office and see about getting them both in for an appointment. I’ll be sure to let you know how we do.

Otherwise, I’m off to A. C. Moore today to take advantage of their 5/$1 sale on DMC floss. The dinosaur I showed yesterday is going to take more than one skein. Besides, I’m getting notions about other projects using the blanket stitch technique. I have a feeling I should be stocked up on variegated threads as I transition into this embroidery technique taking more of my time.

So, nothing much to show today. Lots of things in transition, like socks and rats and dinosaurs. I hope we see some progress on all of them later!

Think good thoughts for the Ratties for me, okay?

Edited later to add: The consensus in the phone call to the vet’s office was that Sable should be seen first. So we’re bringing her in tomorrow afternoon. Star’s issue is a less urgent matter and can wait until another visit. Which is good, because this will cost enough that we have to space things out for the budget.



Comment by Carrie K

June 12, 2007 @ 6:47 pm

Sending very good healing thoughts for the Rattie Sisters! Poor babies.


Comment by Valerie in San Diego

June 12, 2007 @ 7:04 pm

Good luck with the Ratties! I know how totally stressful it is when your pet is ill.

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