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Filed under: Daily Life,Rats!,Sewing — folkcat at 2:14 pm on Monday, June 25, 2007

The Rattie Sisters got their first dusting with Carbaryl powder this weekend, and have survived the experience. Though they did hide under some sheets for comfort for a while after. I think they were making a point about the dignity of furry critters.

Even more interesting was that we wound up trimming Star’s teeth on Sunday. Saturday night, I happened to look at her just as she opened her mouth, and realized that one upper was longer than the other, and the lowers were starting to splay. I did some research on the web and found good resources for how to trim them ourselves. (http://www.ratballs.com/RatTails/Tails080.html is the one best how-to that I found, in the event you ever need to know about trimming rat’s teeth.)

Star was none to happy to be wrapped in a cloth and handled in the way necessary to get the job done, but it went quickly, and she calmed down immediately after. The honey-yogurt drop she got as a reward may have helped. And you have to believe that, as smart as they are, she would have felt the difference in how her teeth aligned and realized that her mouth was better after than before.

In other medical news, I had my own routine check-up today, and the doctor seems to think things are going well. Of course, I still need to continue working on getting exercise, and eating the right things. But while there’s room for improvement, things aren’t looking bad. Yay!

As for crafting this weekend, there was a fair bit of knitting on Rat Rugs 2.0 (Garter Stitch), but since all we’re talking about is more multi-colored garter stitch than I had last time, I didn’t think it was worth showing a picture yet.

What is worth a picture is the progress on my first Quilt Patis quilt. This is destined to be a table mat that will be 16 hexes high, and 25 hexes wide, with each hexagon being 1/2″ on an edge.

QIP - Mini Hex Table Mat
I’ve been picking away at this both at home, and all night Thursday at Panera. My progress thus far is a little over halfway into the second vertical column. (What you’re seeing is a vertical strip of the tablemat, 16 hexes high.)

The little divided plate I’m working on is a TV tray from Target – 99 cents over in the seasonal housewares area. It’s perfect for coralling the project when I’m at home.

When I travel with it, I put everything into this pencil case – oddly, also a Target purchase from a couple of years ago. It holds my pins, thread, scissors, the QIP, and even a small stack of fabric strips wide enough to cut my hexagons from.

Pencil Case Quilting-on-the-Go

I’m really pleased with how this is working out so far. I’m not arranging the fabrics in any special pattern – yet. I have decided that I’m starting to tire of trying to be “random” with them, though, and I’m changing the plan to two columns of random hexes on either end, with a simple geometric plan in between. Probably just diagonal stripes or something equally easy to work without a chart.

When I can, I’m making the effort to fussy-cut the fabrics. This little white flower on the pink fabric below is the only example so far.

Fussy Cut Hexagon

I like the effect, but won’t use it everywhere – just now and then, for a little visual surprise as you look at the quilt.

That’s how things are in my neck of the woods – still a little overloaded with stuff to take care of, but starting to feel like we’ve got a handle on it. I hope you’re having a good start to the week as well!



Comment by Leesa

June 25, 2007 @ 9:55 pm

And WHAT do my ‘beady’ little eyes spy to the left-rear of that pencil case? I dare say I’m looking at a bead crochet project in the making. Hmmm?!? Wound up on a little Guterman spool, with a hank of seed beads nearby… Hmmmm, I wonder what you’re up to Ms. Jen! :^)


Comment by Carol

June 26, 2007 @ 11:14 am

I would soooo not do all that fussy cutting! I am impressed at you patience and dexterity. And it looks good too!

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