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Filed under: Sewing — folkcat at 4:22 pm on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Having worked on the Ms. Poppins Bag so diligently for 4 days, it was time to go back to a non-knitting project yesterday. So I once again pulled out my Hexagon Table Mat, being made with 1/2″ hexagons and using Quilt Patis.

I finished the third column (counting from the left), and began the fourth.

QIP: Hex Table Mat, Starting 4th Column

What you can’t really tell yet is that after 2 columns of randomly-chosen fabrics, I’ve started piecing this to a pattern. Random started feeling tired to me – I enjoy so much watching shapes building as I put together a craft project, whether quilting, beadwork, or knitting.

Using some hexagon graph paper (see the Graph Paper Generators link in my sidebar), I plotted out a simple, all-over floral pattern.

QIP: Hex Table Mat with Pattern

When I get all the way to the right hand side, I’ll do two columns of random fabrics again to balance the two columns I began with.

Until I do a couple more columns, it will be hard to discern the pattern. At the moment, the best evidence is at the bottom of the two right-most columns – a yellow center with red dots, surrounded by three bright pink petals.

Today, however, I go back to knitting Rat Rugs. Gotta do a couple more before I can put that project to rest!

Happy Crafting, everyone!

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Comment by Claudia

July 17, 2007 @ 9:33 am

Love the hexagons! I did a pillow like that several years ago and really loved doing it. Yours is beautiful!

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