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Revelry, But Maybe Not Ravelry; Done Pixelating, Still Socking

Filed under: Crafting Miscellany,Daily Life,Knitting,Ravelry — folkcat at 1:49 pm on Tuesday, August 7, 2007

It’s my birthday! I turn 47 today. No, I don’t mind saying that – the fact that I’ve lived another year on this planet doesn’t bother me.

Birthday presents so far:

  1. The nice, big, new cage for the Rattie Sisters. I wanted to do right by them so badly that I considered it a birthday present that we put money into that purchase.
  2. Two books from Amazon: More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch, and World of Knitted Toys by Kath Dalmeny. Browsing these two titles has been a delight, and I can’t wait to actually try them out.
  3. A nice, take-out dinner from Wok-Wok, our favorite local Chinese restaurant.
  4. Spider SpudMr. Potato Head: Spider Man Spud. Found this on a clearance table at the local supermarket, actually. I found the concept amusing enough, but was going to pass on it. Until I saw these words on the front of the box: “Includes Peter Parker Parts!” For some reason, that just sent me into a fit of giggles!

    Gryphon still thought it was a whimsy that would just gather dust. But then, I showed him this image on the side of the box:

Spider Spud Storage Compartment

That’s right – Spider Spud can pull his web, his costume, even his Peter Parker Parts, out of his butt! Well, it was a done deal at that point. Spider Spud came home with us, Peter Parker Parts, Butt Compartment, and all!

Online Knitting?

The jury is still way out on Ravelry. I know everyone out there loves it. But now that I’ve had a chance to look around, I just don’t think it does anything I need. I don’t have a need or desire to hyper-organize my stash. I can find what needles I have without having to go to my computer, log onto a website, and click through menu options until I get to the needle chart.

I keep track of my WIPs and FOs on my blog, fully documenting them there. I have plenty of online social interaction with knitters and other crafters through the blog as well, and I have several real world gatherings I go to every week.

If I’m planning a new project, I’m not much influenced by what other people have done with the pattern. Same thing if I’m trying to decide what pattern to use with a yarn – it doesn’t matter to me what other knitters have done with it. I’m not a follower, I think outside the box and make up my own route.

There’s a message system – okay, fine, but what if I don’t log in to Ravelry for weeks? I realize that may seem impossible to fans of the site, but if Ravelry isn’t offering anything I have a need for, I’m not likely to log in every day just to see if anyone message’d me. And I have yet to see a means for e-mail notification that you have messages.

So, I just don’t know. It doesn’t appear to be worth my setting up any of my own data there, I just don’t have a desire for that type of organization.

Ravelry is good and useful for the sort of people who thrive on online social networking sites. I just don’t think I’m one of them. I’m not going to close my account, but I may not use it much.

ETA: Just want to make it clear, while the above doesn’t sound very promising, I still haven’t given up on Ravelry. I may yet find something there that works for me, you never know. It’s just that most of what I see so far hasn’t given me an “Aha! I’ve been needing this!” reaction. But then, not all sites can be all things to all people, right?

Weekend Crafting

I finished it!

FO Pixel Hobby: Native American Dreamcatcher
Native American Dreamcatcher, from PixelHobby-USA

The last pixels were put in place on Sunday night. Next step is to use clear packing tape on the back to bind all these baseplates – there are twelve altogether – into a single panel. Then we’ll back that with foamboard, and put it in a frame.

Dimensions on the image are 12 inches high, by 20 inches long. This will make a striking centerpiece on one of our walls.

Having pixelated to a conclusion, I picked up the current pair of socks again. Socks for Gryphon, Pair 3, Sock 2 (SG:P3S2). Only did a couple of inches – I was watching some distracting shows (Design Star, Hell’s Kitchen, Who Wants To Be A Superhero?), and kept putting the knitting down. It didn’t help that I found a knot in the yarn, either (Regia Brasil). It didn’t break the color sequence, just shortened one of the segments, but I’ll have to remember to go back and weave in those ends later.

SG:P3S2, Half the Foot

Now that the Pixel Hobby picture is done, I’ll be picking up the mini-hexagon quilt again. Stay tuned for progress on that front!



Comment by margene

August 7, 2007 @ 1:53 pm

Happy Birthday! May you have a fabulous day of fun and surprises.

I don’t really care for the social aspects of Ravelry. I do like the data base of patterns and info on yarns and patterns from other knitters.


Comment by Casey

August 7, 2007 @ 8:04 pm

Bummer – sorry to hear that we don’t have anything to offer to you. Regarding “I’m not a follower, I think outside the box and make up my own route.” I don’t think that checking what other people have done with a pattern or what yarns they have used makes you a follower, but it’s your hobby and you are certainly free to do whatever you like!


Comment by Carrie K

August 7, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

Happy Birthday! And whoo, the NAD looks gorgeous!

I like Ravelry. It’s fun to see what other people have done with their projects but I agree, I’m not too swayed by the masses either. Sometimes. And my blog couldn’t track a …well, never mind. That’s not what mine is set up for anyway. It’s for me to babble incoherently at all of you.


Comment by Leesa

August 7, 2007 @ 10:20 pm

Happy Birthday to Jen!
She’s 37 plus ten.
She’s crafty as ever…
More than most ever been!

What would a birthday be without a tacky little tune?! Hope it was a great day~



Comment by Casey

August 8, 2007 @ 12:41 am

PS – Happy Birthday! (eek – how rude of me to leave a note and not say Happy Birthday)


Comment by sarebear

August 8, 2007 @ 3:56 am

Hi Jen; I do think that it would be beneficial for others to see what YOU’VE done, especially regarding your experience with the Carnival Glass shawl. Of course, they can come here to see all this, though.

AND, I know that you certainly wouldn’t be putting yourself forward as, oh, I guess if the knitting world NEEDS me . . . . I know that’s not YOU! I rather enjoy your unique, different perspective.

And I’ll continue to enjoy that here at your blog, as well as in our other interactions!

Happy Birthday by the way, I’ve been rather busy the last few days or I would’ve noticed sooner! Except you only just said. I probably missed something about it somewhere, though, and for someone who considers themself(ves? lol) your friend (despite the occasional bonehead question born out of fears, not out of anything I was ever specifically taught, and am afraid you are horribly offended, but I DO have anxiety disorders (not that that’s an excuse, just a ‘splanation!)), I SHOULD have known about it.

Now I’n hearing Ricky Ricardo’s voice in my head, think I should call my iatrist tomorrow and tell him that (hee hee hee!)

So! To make a long post short, explore Ravelry IF and WHEN you like, and if any ideas of things you think might be interesting come to you, shoot Casey an email about it; they’ll always listen, even if it’s not eventually implemented in whole, in part, or in intent, or doesn’t fit with plans. Then again, I’ve been tickled to have some of my suggestions and ideas noted as potential things, or as an aspect of something that they thought could be nicely applied, as those systems were fleshed out.

In fact, I’d bet they might wonder, well, there’s probably other knitters out there like you; what would interest you? With no pressure to say anything at all, as it’s supposed to be a fun or cool thing that you use as and if you like it.

Not affiliated, but it actually just occurred to me, and being the curious and analytical type that I am, it just popped out.

I hate it when that happens ;^P

Holy pixels, Batman! That’s a lot o pixels . . . I want to make one that’s a composite of my favorite female superheroes, that I might put together in photoshop elements. At some point; I missed out on buying some gorgeous Wonder Woman artwork, framed and all, back when they used to have a Warner Brothers store here; there was an Any Warhol four quadrant four colors(ish) type pop art one that was fun, and there were some very ltd (100 or less) edition prints, some giclee’s and other stuff. So I really want SOMETHING for the wall! Would really cheer the place up, anyway.

Okay, that’s my novel. And I’m sticking to it.


Comment by Carol

August 8, 2007 @ 9:54 am

Lovely pixels. And I luv luv luv the “Peter Parker Parts” in the butt! Too funny. I have to see if we have this toy up here. My husband would love it! I like poking around on Ravelry. But I like to see other people’s knits a lot. Besides, I have a fair bit of donwtime at work to fill….


Comment by Elspeth

August 9, 2007 @ 2:44 am

I feel similar about Ravelry. I sign in often, when I’m bored, but I usually just check what groups are new and look at the forums a bit. I’m not that into cataloging every yarn and book (when they’re on the list, that is) I own (and I am a librarian who got into it to be able to organize things for a living). So I’m a middle of the roader I guess, it is fun, but I’m not obsessed.


Comment by UglyBhamGuy

April 18, 2008 @ 3:22 pm

How many colors are there in the pixelhobby piece?
any chance of getting a color list?
i can’t seem to find that pattern on their website.

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