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Filed under: Rats!,Sewing — folkcat at 3:24 pm on Monday, August 13, 2007

Star continues to appreciate the separation from the teenage punker rat, Lola. On the other hand, her health is still declining. She’s started having seizures in her sleep, whole body spasms that make her jump.

I’m guessing they’re leaving her even weaker than before, because it’s harder for her to eat, too. Dry foods just stick in her mouth, and she seems to have trouble swallowing them. She’s still eager to eat, and chows down as enthusiastically as she can on minced up cooked sweet potato, beans, and broccoli.

Her main diet of rolled grains and mashed up pellets started to be a problem over the weekend, though. I’m also not sure how well she’s drinking from the water bottle. In an attempt to solve two problems at once, I decided today to make her grains and pellets into a cooked mash, kind of like oatmeal.

The wet mash smelled good enough to attract her immediately, and she started eating.

Star Eating Mash
Star Eats Her MASH

She practically has to lay her face right down in the food to get a bite, she’s that weak. I have since thinned the mash down even more, making a thin oatmeal consistency. It’s my hope that it will be even easier for her to get a mouthful, and that it will provide better hydration as well.

I fear that we’re starting to count the days with Star. By the end of the day, she is so tired out from simple eating, and moving from nest box to food dish, that she wobbles as if she’s super-drunk. I try to comfort her as best I can, but there’s not a lot to do for her except make her comfortable, see that she keeps eating, and make sure we’re paying attention so we can spot the moment when it’s just not working for her anymore.

And each night, when we go to bed, I’m going to Star now and telling her that we love her, and she’s always been a good rat, and that if she needs to let go, it’s okay, that she has nothing to regret, and we’ll always remember her. Just in case. Then I go into my room, and cry.

On a Happier Note:

I’ve ordered some goodies with my birthday gift money. They haven’t arrived yet, but I expect them in just another day or two.

What did I get? More of the 1/2″ Quilt Patis, so that I can work even better on this:

QIP - Four Columns
Mini-hex Table Mat

More Patis means I can get more hexes ready before I have to stop and stitch them together! I also ordered the second package of 1″ Patis I’ll need if I want to make my queen-size bed quilt. Which I have all the fabric for, I just need to plan a layout now…

As for the table mat, you can see from the picture above that I’ve finished the fourth column. If you’ve been here a bit, you may remember that the two leftmost columns are randomly selected fabrics, and only with the third column did I begin incorporating an all-over floral pattern. When I get to the other end, I’ll do two more columns of random to finish the mat.

Of course, it will be a little while before I get there. Here’s the table mat so far, in place on the table it’s meant to cover:

QIP - About 1/5, 1/6 done

I think that’s, what?…a fifth, a sixth done? And really, only half of that – I’m planning to make the mat reversible, which means there will be a different pattern on the back. Of course, by the time I get there, I may decide I’ve had enough of tiny little hexagons, and just stitch it all to a solid backing just to be done with it! Only time will tell!

The other thing I’ve done with my birthday money is pay for a new game from Reflexive.com. I’ve fallen in love with what they call seek-and-find games – a sort of hidden object puzzle, with images of rooms filled with things, and you have to find those on a specific list. It got so bad, that I was downloading one or two demos of this game type every single day, and playing out the entire sixty minutes they give you for free. With my birthday money, I was able to just outright pay for one, and that’s been occupying much of my spare time in the last 24 hours since I did that.

Hmm…I’m feeling a need to do a little more seeking-and-finding now….think I’ll sign off until tomorrow!

Take care!

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Comment by Carol

August 13, 2007 @ 7:22 pm

Watching a beloved fur-baby slide slowly downhill is the pits. I did that with congestive heart failure in my Blondie-baby. I still choke up about her 2 years later…..Moving on, lovely quilt-mat. Do those pati thingies come in bigger sizes? And I know you mentioned where you got the idea and obught them before, but could you refresh my meomory??
Never too soon to start thinking about Christmass presents you know….

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