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Filed under: Announcements,Contests,Knitting,Rats!,Television — folkcat at 1:56 pm on Monday, September 17, 2007

The Random Integer Generator has spoken. The winner of the book, Suss Design Essentials, is Lee. Congratulations, Lee! I’ll be e-mailing you shortly for your address.

Don’t forget, Freebie Friday happens every week – be sure to check back this Friday to see what I’m offering!


Generally, this award-show slut was pleased with the Emmys last night. This must have been a tough one for the voters – every nominee was truly deserving, if you ask me. I can’t say I was disappointed with any of the results.

The show was also well paced, with entertainment spots as often being comedy bits as song and dance numbers.

The only jarring note for me was the hand of the censor on the proceedings. I was puzzled when the show suddenly cut away from Ray Romano in the middle of his speech, leaving us without his voice, and looking at an odd view from somewhere around the ceiling that didn’t even show the stage.

The same thing happened two more times, proving it wasn’t just an error in the control booth. The consensus in the news reports is that the performers who were censored used expletives, and were cut for those. Since individual stations could face fines if such words get out on the air, I can almost understand that. But why, then, didn’t they just bleep the sound and leave the actor on screen, so we’d have a clue what happened? Why the odd, static shot from the ceiling somewhere?

Okay, stepping off my little soapbox now. Thank you for indulging me.


The latest entrelac bag, with the desert theme, looks much like it did the last time I showed it. So, no new picture there.

The reason for that is simple. I spent most of the knitting time this weekend working on a project I can’t blog, because it’s a Christmas gift for someone I know reads here. I finished that project, with great results. But, of course, I can’t show you a picture of that, either.

There should be photos real soon, though, as I’ll be getting back to the entrelac bag now. And having finished one Christmas gift, I need to start planning the next one…


The Rattie Sisters are learning to cope. It’s kind of nice to have Sable requesting intense cuddle time now. She’ll just lay there on my chest, eyes closed, while I stroke and stroke her whole back with my hand in a way that no Rattie could ever duplicate for her. You know it’s feeling especially good when she can’t help but make little chirping noises.

Lola is getting more Daddy time, and she loves it. I don’t think I’ve mentioned before how she loves crawling around under fabric. Any fabric. Even the fabric that you’re wearing.

She got under Gryphon’s shirt yesterday while hanging around with him, and didn’t want to come out. He decided to get his supper anyhow, and simply went to the kitchen with her in his shirt, crawling ’round and ’round him.

This led to a re-enactment of a scene from Alien. You know the one, right?

Lola Belly Buster
Belly-Buster Lola

Can’t see what I’m talking about?

Can you see her now?

Belly Busting Lola Detail


Comment by Elspeth

September 18, 2007 @ 4:14 pm

We discussed this a bit in my media ethics class – it’s even more useless to censor the networks as much as they do since most people (even my parents got cable recently and they used to pride themselves on being cable-free) watch their TV on cable rather than the networks, and the networks are under most (all?) of the governmental control in regards to words and offenses (like the “wardrobe malfunction” a few years ago). You may as well force Ray Romano to give you his remarks ahead of time or not play these things live if you really are worried about what they will say. It will be interesting to see how things play out in the next few years regarding free speech and the networks.

Comment by Carol

September 18, 2007 @ 5:52 pm

Censorship is ridiculous. Bleeping is fine, but omitting the picture? I have firm opinions. Don’t get me started on the censoring that happens here in Canada!

Rattie in the shirt is so cute! When Pagan was a kitten we used to do the same thing with my bathrobe….

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