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Third Life?

Filed under: Second Life — folkcat at 4:21 pm on Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have a new identity, and a question. If you create a second avatar in Second Life, is that actually your Third Life? Or is it just Second Life V2.0?

Meet Genna Lunasea!

Genna Portrait

She’s wearing the same t-shirt that Probably Perhaps wears, at least until I find something I like better. It was created by a friend, and is a free giveaway at her shop on DarkStar – look for Arondelle’s Dreamworlds in the parking lot at the Mars Hotel to get your own.

As you can see, I’m getting better at controlling the camera’s point of view, too. It might be that there’s a future for me as a photographer in Second Life. I’ll probably want to invest in some poses eventually. The avatar’s eyes tend to follow the mouse cursor, which means that it’s hard to get an image where she’s not looking in the direction of the “Create Snapshot” button. I got lucky on this image.

I can’t guarantee that Genna will look like this in the future. She’s wearing a new skin and hair to replace those she was born with, and I imagine that I’ll make further tweaks to her appearance as my in-game resources improve. Meanwhile, though, I think she’s looking pretty good. And I like that hair.

Genna will be my primary avatar in SL, but I’ll continue to be active with Probably as well. Oh, and I’ve found knitting in SL! There’s a shop called Knit This that sells knitting needles, complete with a knitting animation and a scarf – or lace – project that you can actually color and everything. They also have balls of yarn and other knitting related items as decorative touches for your home. Once I have a place to live, I’ll probably create a nice little knitting nook!

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Comment by Carol

September 25, 2007 @ 5:23 pm

Just goes to show you…knitters are everywhere…soon we will conquer the earth! Mwa ha ha!

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