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New Hair, Same Old Bag

Filed under: Knitting,Second Life — folkcat at 5:37 pm on Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Genna went and bought herself a new hairdo!

Genna's New Hair

It’s called Heather, and it comes in 80 different colors, including many that are two-toned. The designer is Amanda, of Calico Creations. I took this snapshot at the Calico Creations store, immediately after putting the hair on. Behind me, you can see the display selling the hairstyle.

Normally Amanda’s hair is very pricey – though deservedly so, because she’s a true artist, and the hair is all drop-dead gorgeous. But this particular style was available for only 10 Lindens, and that included all 80 colors in one package! Amanda is offering us this deal to celebrate that Heather, as well as a male hairstyle called Jet, are the first designs she created using a special type of prim (a Second Life building unit) called a sculpty.

If you want to know more about the designer, you can read her blog at Calico Creations.

If you’re in Second Life, and want to pick up Heather for yourself, you can find it at Calico Creation’s Main Shop. Caution to non-SLers – the shop link is a connection to a location in Second Life itself. You’ll stop first at a website with an SL world map, and there you’ll find a link that will actually teleport your character to the shop.

I’ve also been spending time looking at properties for sale and rent in Second Life. It’s turning out to be very much like househunting in the real world. One cute little mansion was quite affordable, but surrounded by large, commercial developments. Another was a condo that was also within my price range – but it had a very boxy, condo-living look, and no balcony or piece of yard attached. There are developments with covenants that restrict what sort of house you can build, as well as neighborhoods with no restrictions at all – so you could wind up living next door to a rowdy nightclub.

There’s no rush, so I’ll keep looking. Luckily, homelessness isn’t a problem in Second Life!

Real World

I did more knitting! The sixth tier of the desert-themed entrelac bag is finished, and I’ve begun on the seventh.

Desert Entrelac, Side OneDesert Entrelac, Side Two

At this point, each round will be smaller than the one before, until the squares get down to a mere three stitches across at the center bottom. Beginning with round eight, I’ll be working exclusively with the multi-green/brown yarn for the desert floor and scrubbrush.

I don’t know if I’ll make much more progress today – I need to write a book review, which is a lot more work than reviewing a snack is! So that will take a bit of time I’d otherwise be knitting.

Or househunting. I definitely need to go househunting later!


Comment by Carol

September 26, 2007 @ 9:58 pm

Seems to me that the Second Life thing is a bit too much like real life! Generally I want to be entertained…which for me means escapism! Having to house hunt again just seems like torture to me….

Comment by Elspeth

September 29, 2007 @ 11:18 pm

I like Genna’s hair better, definitely. I don’t get the SL thing, but maybe I have way too many RL diversions to get involved in virtual ones. Then again, I suppose I could knit in SL rather than RL!

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