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Inspired Fair Isle Knits – The Publisher Responds

Filed under: Books,Reviews — folkcat at 4:58 pm on Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s review of Inspired Fair Isle Knits, I’ve had some communication with the Marketing Manager for Potter Craft, the publisher of the book:

Thanks for your review. We always strive to have our books void of mistakes, but when some get through the cracks we correct them in future printings. If you have any specific correction suggestions or if you want to point me to the page numbers, we will correct it in future printings and post the correction on PotterCraft.com

I responded promptly with a detailed list of the issues I had found while reviewing the book, and soon after I had this response:

Thank you very much for pointing out these errors! We will fix them in the next printing. Also, your readers may want to know that all our corrections live here:


and they are welcome to e-mail us with any mistakes they see in our books, or if they suspect there’s a problem with a pattern. Our authors are always quick to supply us with a correction which we post here.

Isn’t it nice when the world works as it should? I was very pleased to hear all this, because you know, the book wasn’t bad, really. As I mentioned in my review, the writing was quite good, the information was very inclusive of all the knitter would need to know. My only quibbles were with the designs themselves, which is a matter of personal taste, and the editorial errors I caught, which made the book look unprofessional.

The message here is, don’t be afraid to tell someone if you think their efforts fall short of the mark they intended! Publishers aren’t trying to put out bad books – they genuinely want to be proud of their product. Speak up, politely, and let them know!

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