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Monday…What More to Say?

Filed under: Announcements,Contests,Holidays,Knitting,Rats! — folkcat at 1:17 pm on Monday, October 8, 2007

It’s a gray, dreary Monday here in New Hampshire, rainy and not much to say for the outdoors right now.

As for the indoors, there’s a plumber ass-end up in our bathroom (sorry, the quarters are too close to sneak a photo), replacing the faucet mechanism for the shower/tub; cold, but freshly made (yesterday) apple crisp in the refrigerator; and me, sitting at the computer, trying to figure out what I’ve got to talk about today.

I suppose, of course, that I should tell you who the winner of last week’s Freebie Friday was. It’s Sara! Congratulations, Sara – you should already have e-mail asking for your mailing address.

I did get some knitting done on the desert-themed entrelac bag for Christmas.

WIP, Christmas 2007 #3: Desert Entrelac Bag

As you can see, we’re working on lots of the mottled green/brown yarn for the ground. It looks like a large portion of the bag in this picture, but remember, this will be felted and a lot of the mottled section you see will be the bottom of the bag, so it won’t be fully visible from the sides.

I did pick up another skein of the variegated blue Malabrigo to do the handles with, so I’ll be able to get on with that as soon as I finish the next few rounds of the bag. Which should go quickly, once I pick it up – we’re down to squares only 6 stitches across now, and each round gets smaller until we’re only 3 stitches across. Won’t be long now!

As for the Rattie Sisters, Sable seems to be going through a phase combining loneliness and discomfort. There have been signs that she’s a bit constipated, and we’re making changes to her diet to help that along (more juicy greens, some canned pumpkin, etc). Most significantly, though, she seems upset whenever we’re away from her side for too long. Her appetite was down on Sunday, too, and I made an extra effort to find something, anything, that she would eat.

When she came out of the cage, she spent lots of time sitting on my knee with my hand cradling her, and covered by the corner of a blanket. Or on the back of my chair, curled up against the back of my head. She seemed to be desperately craving comfort and contact.

I spent Sunday taking her with me everywhere. When I worked at the desk computer, I brought her cage to a small table at my side. I went to the kitchen to make the apple crisp, and carried the cage in to the counter, so she could see I was there for her. The only time I didn’t take her with me was when I went to the bathroom.

By the end of the day, she had eaten some food, and seemed a little more chipper. Today, she’s got a better appetite, though she’s still craving company.

I did an experiment Sunday. I let Lola out of her cage, and allowed her to go into Sable’s. Sable was huddled in a nest bag on the top floor. Lola explored everywhere, then crawled in the bag with Sable and pounced on her – classic dominance play. But Lola quickly tired of that, and went back to poking around all the corners of the cage. She alternated between the two activities, cage and Sable, for a while, then seemed to settle in just as if they were always together. Sable even came out of her funk enough to come out of the nest bag, and interact with Lola some.

It’s looking good that we may, possibly, be able to put them together again one day. I’ll be allowing more visitations like this, and we’ll keep them separate at night for now. My fingers are crossed that this works out – it will be so much less work if the girls don’t have to be kept separately!

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Comment by Carol

October 8, 2007 @ 4:37 pm

hoepfully the Ratties will work out their differences with a bit of supervision. I’m debating brining in a third kitty for much the same reason you got Lola. One of my kitties is on borrowed time and I don’t want the other one to pine away if something sudden should happen. So I am on the lookout for an even tempered kitty at the local humane society. I suspect any new kitty will have to be introduced gradually here. Don’t want to give the old kitties I have a heart attack!

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