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Freebie Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 – Counted Cross Stitch!

Filed under: Announcements,Contests,Stitchery — folkcat at 3:51 pm on Friday, October 12, 2007

Here’s something a little different for Freebie Friday – a pair of counted cross stitch kits that have been sitting in my needlework stash!

Because of the size of this week’s prize, I’m afraid I must restrict entries to mailing addresses in the United States and Canada only. My apologies to my international friends – there will be opportunities for you again soon.

We’ve talked in this blog about how I do many, many different crafts. Currently, knitting, quilting, and a little beading and spinning are at the forefront, but lurking in the background are counted cross stitch, needlepoint, and other forms of crafting.

Like many, I’ve developed stashes for each of these crafts. Sitting in the needlework stash are a number of counted cross stitch kits bought over the years, usually on sale. I’m mostly fine with keeping them for the “someday” when I will get around to taking the time to stitch again.

Looking through them, however, I realize that my tastes have changed since the purchases, or that I have more designs in certain categories than I really need. So I thought that this week, rather than let some kits that have fallen out of my personal favor continue to stagnate in my stash, I’d offer a pair of them up as the Freebie Friday prize.

Freebie Friday, Oct. 12, 2007 - Cross Sttich Kits

On the left, we have a Bucilla kit that I’ve only had for a year. I bought it at an amazing bargain at a yard sale last year.

Bucilla Kit - Cats In The Sewing Room

The theme is cats, and I have many, many more cat-based counted cross stitch designs in my stash. I think this purchase was more for the low price I paid than a personal need to have and stitch the kit.

The package is completely sealed, and therefore contains all the supplies that originally came with it – 14 count aida cloth, cotton floss, floss separator(s), and gold-plated needles. The finished design is 12 inches by 12 inches.

NeedleMagic Kit - Happy Hearts Sampler

The other design is a traditional style sampler from the NeedleMagic company. The copyright date on this is 1980. I believe I purchased it a few years later than that, but probably no later than 1983 or 1984. The package this time is open – I had a habit at the time of being so excited about a new kit that, even if I didn’t plan to stitch it right away, I’d open it up and examine all the contents. I can assure you that everything is in the package and in good condition, though the front cover paper with the finished photograph has been crinkled and torn at the top.

This has been in my stash for some 23 years, at least. At the time I purchased it, I was fascinated by the history of cross stitch, and particularly by vintage samplers. Now, not so much. I still have a profound respect and admiration for the roots of the craft, but no longer feel a desire to decorate my home with samplers in this style.

Do you do cross-stitch? Have you thought about taking it up, but been intimidated by the cost of the kits? This pair of kits could be yours if you enter and win this week’s Freebie Friday drawing!

Each contestant can have as many as two chances to win – just read and follow these simple rules to get yours!

  • Only mailing addresses in the United States and Canada are eligible for entry to this drawing.
  • Enter by commenting to the contest post before Noon, Eastern Time, on Monday, October 15th. Only one entry per person for commenting.
  • Earn a second entry by posting about the contest on your own blog, and linking to this post. E-mail me at fiber AT folkcatart DOT com to tell me you’ve done so. Don’t forget to post soon enough that your own readers have a chance to join in the fun!
  • Have you won a prize at Crafting Jen before? No worries, you can enter again!
  • The winner will be chosen by a random drawing from all entries received before the deadline.
  • I’ll announce the winner on the blog on Monday, and will also e-mail them for their mailing address.

It’s that simple! One of you will have a chance to be stitching soon – will it be you?

Best of luck to everyone, and have a great weekend!


Comment by Tina

October 12, 2007 @ 5:41 pm

Please add me to the pool for a chance to win… Thanks, Tina

Comment by Tracy

October 12, 2007 @ 6:08 pm

I don’t need in on this contest – I have a similar stock of cross stitch kits I may never get too, but I had to comment anyway. The cat one just cracks me up, I nearly always have to shoo cats off the sewing table and fabric before I can sit down to work!

Comment by Spin

October 13, 2007 @ 12:53 am

Juhuu! It’s me , spin from Ravelry!
what a neat idea!
I wish everybody good luck with this!
Now on to “snoop” through the rest of your blog!
Happy weekend!

Comment by melanie

October 13, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

I’m just getting into needlework again…..

Comment by Cheryl

October 14, 2007 @ 9:39 pm

Hi! I found your blog through Ravelry. Nice to meet you!! I am a jane-of-all-crafts too!

Comment by Wendy

February 20, 2014 @ 11:11 pm

I have been looking for the cats in the sewing room kit for a year as the cats are exactly like my daughters and wanted to make it for her for wedding present but hard to find.

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