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Filed under: Knitting — folkcat at 6:41 pm on Monday, October 15, 2007

I’ve been busy – when I can, at least – knitting on the desert-themed entrelac bag. The body of the bag is finished, as is one handle, and I’m a foot or so into the second strap.

Christmas Knitting, #3 & 4 - Desert bag, plus a new start

As you can see, there’s an odd formation in the top right corner of this picture. Could it be…another entrelac bag?

Yup. I hadn’t planned on starting a new one yet. I think the Knitting Fairy intervened to demand that this one happen.

See, Thursday night was Knitting Around night at Panera. Normally, I’m quite well prepared, with a knitting bag full of all the things needed for the current project. Often a backup project, too, just in case.

So last Thursday, I stuffed the large zipper bag containing the desert-themed entrelac project into my knitting bag, and headed out. But after eating dinner, I opened my knitting and discovered I had nothing with me.

Well, not quite nothing. I did have three cakes of yarn – the yellow, and the two different shades of red used in the desert bag. I had the circular needles needed to knit the entrelac body of the bag. I even had the completed bag itself.

What I did not have were the blue cake of yarn with the i-cord handles in progress. And even if I’d had those, I had also left behind the pattern book, which I still need to refer to for the ends of the i-cords.

There I was, a bag full of yarn, needles even, and no knitting.

I looked down at the cakes of yarn. Yellow, two shades of red. Hmm. Could be the beginning of a rusty entrelac bag. I had the right needles to knit it, but not the book – could I remember enough of how to start? I’ve only done six of these now, after all.

I began casting on, and voila! A seventh entrelac bag, and the fourth project for this Christmas, was underway. I knitted the rim, picked up the cast on stitches to knit with the live ones and make a tubular edging, even managed to correctly work the starting round of triangles without the book.

After that, I was lost – the nature of this bag has a different number of stitches picked up for each round, and you connect the squares to the previous row at different points as well. But it was enough – I’d managed to knit through the entire evening at Panera.

Clearly, the Knitting Fairy had a notion that a specific, rust-colored bag was going to be needed for Christmas this year. And she went to a great deal of effort to make it happen. I just hope that, by Christmas, it’s this obvious who it belongs to!


Comment by Carol

October 15, 2007 @ 7:59 pm

Strange world when knitting begins to think for itself. I had a similar experience. The Campanula sock I am currently working on stole my felted clog pattern so that I would be forced to cast on sock #2!

Comment by Claudia

October 15, 2007 @ 8:08 pm

Wow – what AMAZING colors! It’s crazy how clear and bright the colors look here, much like your bag. I’ts going to be gorgeous when it’s done!

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August 11, 2009 @ 11:40 am

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