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Lookie There – She’s Been Knitting!

Filed under: Books,Knitting,Second Life — folkcat at 7:38 pm on Wednesday, November 7, 2007

First things first – over on Shopping Jen today, there’s a new review of the Veronica Mars: The Complete Third Season DVD set.

Told you the crafting wouldn’t stop! Here’s how far I’ve gotten on the Rusty Entrelac Bag.

Rusty Bag, Ran Out of Black

I had hoped to continue the bottom in solid black from this point on, but I ran out after the third round that used that color. So the bottom of the bag will be red. Which means the straps will probably have to be in the yellow color. That even works – the top of the bag is where the yellow is anyhow.

This bag, then, is winding down to a finish. I think I need to decide which of the scarves in Knitting New Scarves I need to cast on for next!

Speaking of Knitting New Scarves, I actually heard from a couple of the editors at the publisher, including Melanie Falick herself. They pointed me towards the new Stewart, Tabori, & Chang blog, both for up to date news about their books, and a link to a knitalong for Knitting New Scarves. It’s at www.melaniefalickbooks.com – check it out! These are also the folks who published such titles as Loop-d-loop, AlterKnits, and Knitting Nature, so I have a feeling they bear close watching!

Virtual Crafting

I’ve been very, very busy in Second Life. Here’s what I’ve created:

Probably Art Gallery

Yup, that’s the gallery I’m calling Probably Art, located in the sim known as VLS. (A sim is a geographic unit in Second Life.) There are photographs by Genna Lunasea; paintings by her twin sister, Probably Perhaps, who is also the proprietor of the gallery; and graphic art by their cousin, Regan Blackburn.

The floor looks a little empty – I expect to add more items as I create them. I have plans to make easels that I can display additional art on (as well as selling the easels). And Regan wants to put some of his art on t-shirts.

If you are in Second Life, and would like to visit the gallery for a closer look at my art, just click this link: Probably Art Gallery.


Comment by Carol

November 8, 2007 @ 10:30 pm

Very nice bag. Felted bags are much fun! I use one myself as a purse and I love it. Get compliments on it too. And then I can say,”I made it!” and get exclamations that swell my ego up some more.

Comment by Jessica

April 10, 2011 @ 9:53 pm

I know it’s been awhile, but what pattern did you use for your entrelac bag? or is it your own original design? I’m giving my first try at A) Entrelac and B)A Bag, and I’m having difficulty finding a pattern. I have some GREAT noro yarn, and I want to knit something that will best showcase the gorgeous colors of the yarn, I have decided that Entrelac is the best way to do so, vs. just a plain knit design or stripey design. Thank you so much! Cheers!

Comment by folkcat

April 10, 2011 @ 10:35 pm

Noro yarns are gorgeous in entrelac!

The pattern I used is called the Market Squares Bag. It’s in the book Bags: A Knitter’s Dozen, and also appeared in the Summer 2001 issue of Knitter’s Magazine. Very nice pattern; quick, easy knit.

Here’s the Ravelry link: Market Squares Bag.

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