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The Rest of Reality

Filed under: Daily Life,Rats! — folkcat at 1:44 pm on Monday, January 28, 2008

The Rest of Reality

There’s more happening in my world than the Rattie Siblings – honest! I am still knitting, and even have a finished object or two that I can share, once I get a chance to get decent photos. Then there are the knitting set backs – like going back to a sock I started months ago, only to have one of the size 0 needles suddenly snap in my hand. The Brittany, 5″ size 0’s that you can’t get anymore. I frogged the sock, and am considering going back to my customary size 1.5’s (which I have plenty of) to start it again.

Reality dealt us a bit of a blow just before the holidays – Gryphon got knocked back to a grade lower than he started with (four years ago) at his full-time job, with about a 25% cut in pay. He was told on the last day of work before the Christmas break, and the change was effective with the holiday week.

Please don’t worry about the reasons – we’ve had several weeks now to reconcile ourselves to the change. The ultimate lesson here is that Gryphon, however good he is at whatever he does, really doesn’t have a mindset that works well in an old-school New England manufacturing environment. He thought he was working up to expectations; turns out he wasn’t, and they just couldn’t communicate their needs to him adequately.

The things that sucked biggest about this are that A) we’d already spent all of his Christmas bonus, which we could have otherwise used to help us get through the transition period; and B) it was Christmas break, for Pete’s sake! We were just about to go to Syracuse to spend the holidays with my folks. Our trip got delayed by a day because the day we were supposed to get ready to travel, we were too numb with shock to focus on packing.

Gryphon’s job hunt is on in earnest, and looks promising. Meanwhile, we’ve undertaken cost-cutting measures. Things will be okay, we’re just in one of those truly sucky transitional periods while reality figures out what it wants to be next.

Rattie Progress

No, they haven’t been put in together yet. Lola, Yuri, and Leonardo will have to settle for ogling each other through the bars of the cages for a few days more.

Lola and Yuri
Lola and Yuri Make Eyes at Each Other

Meanwhile, Yuri and Leonardo are getting a chance to get used to their new life without having territorial struggles with Lola to work out at the same time. They’ve come to enjoy time under a blanket on my lap enough that yesterday, they both voluntarily crawled out of the cage using my arm as a bridge.

And in perhaps the ultimate sign of Rattie acceptance, twice now Yuri has pee-marked my arm. If you’re unfamiliar with pee-marking, it’s what Rattie’s do to indicate any of several things – “I like this place,” I like this rat/person,” “This is a safe and familiar spot”. Any of those meanings, as directed towards my arm, is all right with me!

In case you’re concerned that all the pictures lately have shown Lola behind bars and the boys out of the cage, don’t worry – Lola’s been getting equal attention and time to roam and play with Mom and Dad!

Tuesday marks three weeks since the boys had their surgery. Gryphon and I are probably going to make the big move on Wednesday. I’ve got some Swiss Miss chocolate pudding in the fridge – each rat will get a good smear down their back before being put into the bathtub with the others. I’ll then supervise while Gryphon re-dresses the large cage. Then, assuming we are shown no reasons to keep them apart longer, all three will go into the same space together. Fingers crossed!


Comment by Christina

January 28, 2008 @ 7:50 pm

Sorry about hubby’s job, but hopefully he will find something he likes better! Glad to hear the ratties are doing well. Hope you’re having a good day!

Comment by Carrie K

January 28, 2008 @ 8:05 pm

Gainful employment is such a pain. Good luck to Gryphon!

Comment by Carol

January 28, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

Reality bites. I have had my own sudden setback today with a job I thought was locked up evapourating on me. which means I need to line up some free-lance work pronto! Hopefully I can scrape together enough work to at least pay the important bills. i have some savings so it’s not a complete disaster, but I am pissed at them. They waited till the week before I was supposed to start to tell me. Argh!

Anyway… can’t wait to see some knitting. Is it from Knit Kimono? I love that book, but since I will have to knit from stash for the next while, it ain’t happening right now!

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